Wael Moussa, PhD

Research Scientist, Research and Evaluation, FHI 360

Dr. Wael Moussa is an Economist with interests in the Economics of Education, Labor Economics, and Applied Econometrics. He holds a PhD in Economics from Syracuse University, and is currently a Research Scientist with FHI 360’s Research and Evaluation Department. He also serves as a technical monitor in support of monitoring and evaluation of FHI 360’s education and economic development programming. He conducts research on a range of educational and economic issues including causal effects of multi-purpose cash transfers on the outcomes of refugee households, the long-term causal effects of tuition fees in primary and secondary education, non-formal schooling in emergency contexts, cash transfers, and the impacts of conflict on educational inequality. Wael has also worked in the US K-12 education space on academic research investigating the causal links between compulsory attendance legislation and high school graduation and the causal effects of the International Baccalaureate Program on academic achievement in urban school districts in the US.