Articles and Chapters

Journal articles

Cortes K, Moussa W, and Weinstein J. Educating bright students in urban schools. Economics of Education Review, 37, 286-297, 2013. [Available at:] [download]

Moussa W. Closer to the finish line? Compulsory attendance, grade attainment and high school graduation. Education Finance and Policy, 12(1), 28-54, 2017. [Available at:] [download]

Book chapters

Omoeva C, Moussa W, and Gale C. The Economic Costs of Educational Inequality in Developing Countries. In Education Finance, Equality, and Equity, edited by Ben David-Hadar I. New York, USA: Springer, forthcoming.

Omoeva C, Moussa W, and Hatch R. Proposed operationalization of equity measurement. In Handbook on Measuring Equity in Education. Montreal, Canada: UNESCO Institute for Statistics, 2018. [Available at:] [download]