STEAM Breakout EDU

During piloting with West Hawaiʻi DOE middle schools, a Breakout EDU activity was created based on STEAM questions related to Kahaluʻu Ma Kai. See below for downloadable resources.

Kahaluʻu Ma Kai Breakout EDU Educator Guide

To further enhance the experience, a blended Breakout EDU activity was created for those able to physically visit Kahaluʻu Ma Kai. Students combined their virtual huakaʻi knowledge with their classroom studies to solve a set of STEM/ʻāina-based puzzles to “break into” the locked boxes and retrieve their reward.

Additional Resources

For additional resources on Breakout EDU creation, tools, and samples:

Official Resources:

Once you get your Kit there many resources and completed games you use and adapt.

Examples including how to setup digital locks using Google Forms

Additional Resources (Community Created) -

Breakout EDU samples (Video):


A timer can be used to heighten the sense of urgency and competition. Use your favorite search engine to search for “timer [# of minutes] min”. Most will create an adjustable timer right at the top of the search results.

And just for fun ….

Breakout of this Meeting! :