Vero Estrada-Galiñanes

Distributed Systems | Data Analytics & Visualizations | Security | Databases

Keywords: erasure codes; data entanglement; redundancy; replication; network reliability; survivability; fault-tolerance; availability; scalability; distributed systems; storage systems; long-term storage; archival storage

Vero Estrada-Galiñanes was born and raised in San Isidro, a city in the northern Buenos Aires, Argentina. She holds a dual citizenship from Argentina and Spain. Due to her family roots she recovered her Spanish nationality in 2010. Since then, she gained her second family name. Estrada-Galiñanes is the joined of her father/mother's family name. Vero is the abbreviation of her given name Verónica. If address by family name, Dr. Estrada is enough but publications should appear as Vero Estrada-Galiñanes or Vero Estrada-Galinanes. Previous work appears with these names: Verónica C. Estrada and Verónica Estrada Galinanes.

Vero became curious to know what was inside a cathodic TV box when she was 4 years old. She had her first encounter with computers at school when she was 10 years old. She learned Logo and played with Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 computers. She watched anime (Robotech, Gundam, Astroboy, ...) and used to dream about Japan. Those were some of her motivations to become Electronic Engineer. During her studies she got interested in systems networking and security; consequently, she enrolled in the specialization of security and cryptography the Graduate School of the Army. She worked many years in Argentina until she decided that it was time to follow her dream and apply for a scholarship in Japan...