"Innovation in Action" Award

The Virginia Business Education Association (VBEA) is always looking for new and better ways to ensure that students throughout the Commonwealth are college and career ready.

During the 2019-2020 school year, VBEA will offer two $100 incentives to teachers who develop and submit an idea that presents an innovative instructional idea that can be implemented and replicated in schools across Virginia. For this incentive, innovative is defined as the application of new and/or better solutions that meet new requirements for either implicit or identified needs in a designated educational realm. The ideas that are submitted must be original and have not been published prior to their submission for this incentive. This can be either an individual or a team idea—but it must be innovative!

The selection committee is not looking for specific lesson plans, though lesson plans may be included with the application. Instead, the committee is looking for innovative projects or ideas that will create excitement and enhance instruction and learning in the area of Business and Information Technology. The ideas are limitless; the topics extensive; the implementation exciting; and the replication will be explosive.

The application form and additional instructions follow.

The deadline for submitting all entries for judging is March 1. Applicants must be current VBEA members.

Innovation in Action Award replaced the "Great Ideas" Lesson Plans. Winners of the "Great Ideas" award can be found here.