High-throughput radiolabeling



We have developed microreaction chips and multi-element heating platform to perform large numbers of multi-step radiosyntheses in parallel. By varying reaction conditions at different sites (each with replicates), this tool can be used to rapidly and inexpensively optimize radiosynthesis processes. It can also be used to label a family of related precursors in parallel. We are furthermore developing an automated reagent delivery and product collection platform to automate the optimization or screening process.


Current Status / Next Steps

Related Publications

    • Alejandra Rios, Jia Wang, Philip H. Chao, R. Michael van Dam. A novel multi-reaction microdroplet platform for rapid radiochemistry optimization. RSC Advances 9: 20370-20374, 2019. DOI: 10.1039/C9RA03639C. (Journal Link)

Team Members and Collaborators


  • Alejandra Rios
  • Jia Wang
  • Jason Jones
  • Ksenia Lisova
  • Travis Holloway
  • Christian De Caro


  • Philip Chao