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Postdoctoral Researcher in Radiochemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, or Analytical Chemistry

We are seeking an outstanding and highly motivated postdoc to join our multidisciplinary research program, which focuses on the development of innovative microscale chemical synthesis and purification platforms for simplifying the preparation of radiolabeled compounds for positron emission tomography (PET) imaging. Microscale radiochemistry offers numerous key advantages over conventional radiochemistry techniques.

Requirements: The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D in synthetic organic chemistry or analytical chemistry. Prior experience in radiochemistry, especially working with fluorine-18, is preferred but not required, and can be introduced to the candidate through hands-on experience. Expertise in standard analytical and characterization techniques such as HPLC, GC, MS, NMR, etc. is preferred and expertise in capillary electrophoresis and/or microchip electrophoresis is desired. The successful candidate will be detail-oriented and systematic, and will possess excellent critical thinking, experiment planning, and communication (oral and written) skills.

To apply, please send CV, statement, and 3 references to Prof. Michael van Dam

General Information

We are always seeking highly motivated, organized, and independent individuals with excellent critical-thinking and research-planning skills who are passionate about research and making a difference in medical imaging. We occasionally have openings at the graduate student, postdoc, and staff research associate levels. Candidates should have a solid background in physics, engineering (e.g. mechanical, electrical, systems, biomedical, or chemical), microfluidics, biotechnology, or chemistry (analytical chemistry, radiochemistry, or organic synthesis).

Projects are quite multi-disciplinary in nature and we collaborate with several other groups in the Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging at UCLA as well as groups at other institutions. Our goal is to make a difference in medical research and medical care through the development of technologies to overcome current bottlenecks, and we strive to commercialize promising developments in the lab.

Please contact Prof. Michael van Dam for further details about open positions. Be sure to include a copy of your CV with publications and also please include a cover letter to describe your particular research interests and goals as they relate to our lab mission, and highlight relevant training and experience. Please keep in mind we continually hear from quite a few applicants; you may want to have a look at this recent LinkedIn blog post, which provides some excellent advice when applying.

Prospective graduate students will need to apply for admission to UCLA in one of the following programs:

Generally, graduate student positions are offered only after completion of a rotation in our laboratory.

Undergraduate students with relevant background (e.g. physics, engineering, chemistry, or computer science) are welcome to apply for volunteer and work study positions to gain research experience.