Journal Club

The Journal Club meets every other Wednesday from 3-4pm in CNSI 5430. We discuss recent and important papers in the field of microfluidics, radiochemistry, automation, and high-throughput biology, with particular emphasis on devices that can solve problems in molecular imaging (e.g. production of radiotracers, etc.).

Four presenters are selected each session and should each plan at 15 min presentation, including time for questions and discussion. Speakers are asked to be concise and to clearly articulate the contribution of the paper (i.e. what is the problem or question that the authors address), and describe the most significant methods and results.

All attendees are required to participate on a regular basis.

The goals of this journal club are to:

    • Keep members of the lab up-to-date with the latest developments in fields related to our research
    • Discuss how emerging technologies can solve problems in molecular imaging
    • Give students and postdocs the opportunity to practice giving short presentations and critically analyzing papers

The journal club is open to members of the Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging, and others will be considered upon request. If you are interested in participating and being added to the email reminder list, please contact Philip Chao or Prof. Michael van Dam.

A list of upcoming papers can be found here.