Media Coverage

  • Our paper "Ionic-surfactant-mediated electro-dewetting for digital microfluidics" was highlighted in:
    • Frieder Mugele, "Droplet motion electrically controlled", Nature 572, 445-446, 08/21/2019

  • Our research and paper "Producing diverse probes for positron emission tomography with limited resources: Synthesis of 24 F-18-labeled compounds with a single radiosynthesizer" was highlighted in:

  • Our paper "A Transmetalation Reaction Enables the Synthesis of [18F]5-Fluorouracil from [18F]Fluoride for Human PET Imaging" was highlighted as:

  • The ELIXYS radiosynthesizer was highlighted in:
    • Matsui Kazuhiro "Fully automated robotic & innovative PET probe synthesizer supported by global technologies [Japanese]", Isotope News (Journal of Japan Radioisotope Association) No. 740, 12/1/2015

[Japanese version available from author's ResearchGate page here]

  • Our paper "Efficient Radiosynthesis of 3′-Deoxy-3′-18F-Fluorothymidine Using Electrowetting-on-Dielectric Digital Microfluidic Chip" was highlighted in:

  • Our paper "Radiolabelling diverse positron emission tomography (PET) tracers using a single digital microfluidic reactor chip" was highlighted in:

  • Our paper '“Clicked” fluoropolymer elastomers as robust materials for potential microfluidic device applications' was highlighted in:
    • Russell Johnson, Hot Article, Journal of Materials Chemistry Blog, RSC Publishing, 1/17/2012

  • Our paper "Cerenkov radiation imaging as a method for quantitative measurements of beta particles in a microfluidic chip" was highlighted in:
    • Paula Gould, QA check for radiotracer generator, medicalphysicsweb, IOP Publishing, 12/4/2009
    • Editor's Choice in Physics in Medicine and Biology, medicalphysicsweb, IOP Publishing, 11/6/2009

Prior to UCLA:

  • A figure in our conference paper "Automated Microfluidic-Chip-Based Stand-Alone Instrument for the Synthesis of Radiopharmaceuticals on Human-Dose Scales" was highlighted in:
    • Image of the Month, nanoWorldnews, Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI), 2/14/2008

  • Our work on PDMS microfluidics with integrated microvalves was highlighted in:
    • Douglas L. Smith, Rubber Layered Micropumpers, Engineering & Science LXVI(2): 8-18, California Institute of Technology, 2003

  • Our paper "Gene Expression Analysis with Universal n-mer Arrays" was highlighted in: