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When recertifying, please do NOT create an account. If you forgot your US Soccer login information, please contact Holly,, to reset your password. She will also tell you which email address to use to log in.

Please read carefully ALL of the steps to recertify on our Recertification Page!!! The process is completely different than in years past. If you have questions, please contact Holly,

2023 Recertification Steps for Grassroots Referees

(formerly known as Grades 7, 8, & 9)

These steps are for all returning Grassroots Referees.

1. Email Ms. Holly,, for the link to recertify. The course work will be done on US Soccer's Learning Center.

2. This year, there is NO in-person clinic for recertification.

2. Once you have the link, log into your US Soccer profile on their online Learning Center. If you do not know your account information, please contact Holly at DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN ACCOUNT!!! Use the referee's email address that they registered with in the past. Do NOT use a parent/guardian's email address as that will not let you in to the Learning Center. This is how we will communicate with our referees and for other reasons. 

3. Complete a 2-4 hour e-learning Grassroots Level experience on US Soccer's online Learning Center. This course is about two to three hours. There are several parts to this online course. Once you log in, click on the "Assignments" tab. There you will see the Online Grassroots Referee Recertification Course, SafeSport Training, Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments, and Grassroots Referee Recertification Quiz. Questions from the test are taken directly from those modules. 

You will know when you are done with the Learning Center when your Assignments tab looks like this: (all green)

Example #1

Example #2

4. Click on the "Course Details" tab and complete the UYSA (Utah Youth Soccer Association) presentation (34 minutes) and test (30 questions). Referees must complete the test with a score of 26 or greater out of 30. You may take the test as many times as you would like.

OR Click here to access the UYSA presentation        Click here for the UYSA 2023 test

If you are having issues with the UYSA presentation, please try the following:

     A. Turn off pop-up blockers

    B. Use Google Chrome browser (make sure it is up to date)

     C. Clear cache and cookies

This is what the UYSA presentation will look like: (It starts by having you enter your name on the Nearpod site.)

This is what the UYSA test will look like:

5. Email Holly at  to verify your completion and to receive your referee badge. 

***If you encounter any issues, please contact Holly Gundred at

2023 Recertification Steps for Regional Referees and Emeritus Referees

(Formerly known as Grade 5, 6, or Emeritus Referees)

For Maintenance and Upgrade Requirements, please visit our How to Upgrade page.

1-4. Same steps as above. 

5. Attend the entire Recertification REGIONAL CLINIC and participate in the field session activities to receive your referee badge. For the in-person portion of the certification, please dress for "field session" type activities. Meaning, we will be on a field and practicing referee decision making exercises. Please bring your whistle, yellow and red cards, flags, as well as a water bottle.

6. Email Holly at  to verify your completion and to receive your referee badge. 

***If you encounter any issues, please contact Holly Gundred at