Becoming a New Referee

Uniform and Gear

Need a uniform or other gear? Check out our partner, Scoreboard Sports! Click here for special referee discounts! This kit includes a high quality uniform, shorts, socks, whistle, and more. The price of this starter kit is $46.76 with shipping.

Official Sports starter kit The price of this kit is approximately $43.85 with shipping. The whistle in this kit is not as good as the whistle in the Scoreboard Sports starter kit.

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Please Read Before Registering

DO NOT REGISTER ON US SOCCER's LEARNING CENTER until you have read all of these instructions and tips!

If you do not follow these directions carefully, you will be forced to redo ALL of the online learning!!!

If you are 18 years of age or older, you must complete a background check before you are allowed to register for the course.

Only the person who is taking the course may sign up! Parents and guardian MUST use their child's email and user information.

After registering for a course, you MUST click on the Assignments tab to complete all the assignments.

Directions For Registration

**NOTE: During the Covid-19 pandemic, most instruction and registration will be virtual so we can safely train our referees according to the state health department's guidelines. We have reduced the in-person portion to about two hours.

New Certification Instructions for Grassroots Referees

Those interested in becoming a referee for the first time must complete following requirements PRIOR to attending an Entry Level clinic.

1. On our Google Calendar, click the Entry Level Grassroots course you would like to attend in person. At the bottom, click "More Details." Then, scroll down on the new window and click the link at the bottom to register for the in-person course.

2. Using the link in the Google Calendar (DO NOT GO DIRECTLY to the Learning Center.) Create a US Soccer profile on their online Learning Center. Use the referee's email address, do NOT use a parent/guardian's email address. This is how we will communicate with our referees and for other reasons. If parents use their own email address it will make things more difficult with the registration process.

3. Complete a 4.5 hour e-learning Grassroots Level experience on US Soccer's online Learning Center. The exact link will be posted on our Google Calendar in the details portion for each clinic. This course is about four hours AND musts be completed before attending the in-person portion of the clinic. There are several parts to this online course. Once you log in, click on the "Assignments" tab. There you will see the Online Grassroots Referee Course, SafeSport Training, Introduction to Safe and healthy Playing Environments, and Grassroots Referee Certification Quiz. Questions from the test are taken directly from those modules.

Example #1

Example #2

4. Click on the "Course Details" tab and complete the UYSA (Utah Youth Soccer Association) presentation (31 minutes) and test (30 questions).

OR Click here to access the UYSA presentation Click here for the UYSA 2022 test

If you are having issues with the UYSA video, please try the following:

1. Turn off your pop-up blockers

2. Use Google Chrome browser

This is what the UYSA presentation will look like: (It starts by having you enter your name on the Nearpod site.)

This is what the UYSA test will look like:

5. If you need help with the test, please visit or revisit the presentations.

6. For the in-person portion of the certification, please dress for "field session" type activities. Meaning, we will be on a field and practicing referee signals and mechanics. Please bring your yellow and red cards, flags, if you have them, as well as a water bottle.

7. Attend the entire 2 hours of an Entry Level GRASSROOTS CLINIC and participate in the field session activities to receive your referee badge.

Please contact SDO, Holly Gundred, at with any questions or assistance with registration.

8. AFTER you have completed the clinic, here are the steps to register with Affinity (how you get assigned matches) and Refpay (how you get paid). See our "Getting Paid" page for more details.

Certification With US Soccer

Become a Soccer Referee in Utah!

All USSF affiliates, including the Utah Youth Soccer Association and the Utah Soccer Association, require that all participating referees be certified by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). The Utah State Soccer Referee Committee (USSRC) is the governing body for Utah's USSF referees. It is the goal of this committee to actively recruit, develop, certify and advance referees for all levels of play.

The Utah Soccer Referee program offers one Entry Level clinic, the USSF Grassroots certification, which is sponsored by affiliate organizations in various locations throughout the state. In order to become certified participants must attend the entry level course in person and do the online learning through US Soccer's Learning Center.

USSF Grassroots Referee

This course is for all entry level referees despite their age. The US Soccer online Learning Center, in compliance with national law, requires users be at least 13 years old. Those who are not at least 13 years old must wait for their 13th birthday.

The USSF Grassroots Referee may officiate games as either a Referee or Assistant Referee from recreational youth matches to adult amateur matches. Once registered, all information of newly registered referees will be given to the referee assignors to ensure that all referees have the opportunity to participate in as many games as possible. Certified assignors assign appropriate game assignments according to the age, division and skill level of the teams with the ages and experience of the referee to ensure a good experience for both teams and the referees themselves.