Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Utah State Soccer Referee Program is to carry out the United States Soccer Federation Referee Development Program within the state of Utah in an effort to best serve the National, Region and State Associations by developing the numbers and quality of officials, assessors, instructors and assignors and to achieve excellence in officiating, education and administration.

To accomplish this and best support the associations we serve, the stated goals of the Utah State Soccer Referee Committee are to:

  • Grow and Maintain adequate numbers of referees to effectively serve

  • Assure and reinforce our members' knowledge of the laws of the game and consistency in practical application of the laws

  • Support the development and promotion of all referees from entry level to those that demonstrate the desire and potential to serve at a higher level

  • Actively promote unity, camaraderie, a sense of purpose and confidence among our membership.

  • Actively partner with the associations to promote sportsmanship, fair play and safety on and off the field