Challenge Coins are SOLD OUT - Those who have them now have collector's items.

Look for a WEASEL Patch Reproduction -later this year. It is a hallowed artifact .

In the course of the year You will find regional small groups - opportunities with shipmates through and Tin Can Sailor and DESA events. ( Bull Sessions, Dinners, etc)



Many of these links are transferred to this new site. Note this site now is served by google sites. IT allows for many google services to attach and help our shipmates participate in the treasure of information.

If you absolutely must see the old website

it is HERE

The concept in the below graphic is being designed for a poster at our tspring store.

the Coin is no longer available. Enjoy the graphic. Cards will be printed up with the design... later. We will keep our radar up for another project like this in the future. It's a long term payoff unless we find a way to generate sales to a wider market.