An Irish Blessing - our ship's seal is now finding its way into use as a talisman to encourage a prayer for a veteran - and with it the gift of an "IRISH BLESSING" by association with Fr. O'Callahan. 


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DE/FF 1051
Destroyer Escort / Fast Frigate-Garcia Class. 
Serving in the fleet from 1968 to 1988.
Irish Song Association serves to allow a point of contact for all who served in her and their families.
Call Sign :  IRISH SONG

Our Namesake

Fr. Joseph O'Callahan and his Sister, Sr. Rose Marie
Fr. O'Callahan and Sister Rose Marie O'Callahan

(Medal of Honor)
Youtube with USS Franklin Survivor

NEWSLETTER- Boston Reunion Info and more     to help you PLAN AHEAD for the JULY 11-15 BOSTON 50th ANNIVERSARY Gathering. The newsletter will be mailed to those who do not use internet resources. UPDATES to the newsletter will be found at the NEWS link on our main page.

It was a fun and productive reunion in Valley Forge. There will be news and photos from that and more in upcoming NEWS..

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