Ship's Store


FOR Availability and order information.

Ships Patches .........$10 each

DE 1051 Hats ........ $20 each

DE/FF 1051 Hats .... $20 each

FF 1051 Hats ...........$20 each

NEW ITEM - SHIP 1" silver pendant- $75 for one - $65ea for 4 or more. Specify DE or FF Version. Shipping included. ships from Pensacola. Place order with Bill. To pay through paypal (credit card) send your email to with details of your order. Otherwise - send check to Bill (see below). Est. Two week delivery.

OUR T-SPRING STORE lets us make prints and items with graphics . We net $5-$7 per print. They look great in a frame !

SEE POSTERS - Cups - Shirts- More

This is a beautiful pendant. Sterling Silver. $75 includes shipping.

Hoodie and more in

Add an extra $5 to cover shipping (not pendant) and more if you'd like to add to the ship's funds. (or extend your membership)

Send your check made out to William Raymond.

Include clearly printed Name and Address for shipment to you. Include your email in case of questions or if stock is out.

William Raymond -

4706 Poppywood Cr.

Killeen, TX 76542

Many thanks are due Joe Allen for his years of service to this organization. He ran the whole thing for years ! Amazing.

Our Poker Chip Challenge Coin (SOLD OUT)

PRINTS for framing - The files were created by shipmate Bill Scroggins and your purchase is a fund raiser for the association.

More will be added soon but here are the DE and FF

Starboard Views

FF Starboard View

DE Starboard View

Ship's store will have our profit transferred separately from Buzzcreek (vic)

There are FIVE different views ALL

as well as OTHER graphic designs

Note the above "posters" can be selected on paper, canvas, cloth and several sizes.

Preview Here

They are beautiful framed in your nautical cave if you have one.

Over your wifes' pink cosmetic dresser top

if not....