JOIN IRISH SONG (USS O'CAllahan) at CHULHANE'S Irish Pub for Tuesday the 24th for 6:30. The last tour for the day comes back at 5:00. So that should give you time to get ready, remember Navy shower rules may apply at this time 😁. IF our reserved bus is not full - you can ride with us ! Or we might make two runs to get you there. Boarding the BUS will be about 6:15

We welcome all TCS members who wish to join in the the IRISH SONG tradition to transfer the seal to a new IRISH PUB for the coming year. We make it a celebration and we make it a remembrance for the sailors lost with USS Franklin in 1945 and for those BLESSED to survive... Father Joseph O'Callahan received the Medal of Honor for his actions that day.

USS O'Callahan carried on the fine naval traditions set in our legacy and was decommissioned in 1988.

We have booked a room with Culhane's but we open our celebration to all who come and all who are present. This will be the home of our ship's seal for the next year.

We also reserved bus transportation to and from. ( a modest donation will help) The bus may get they by 6:15 to board. We may have some other TCS ship members join us in the passing of The O’Callahan ships plaque. The crest is Leaving McGann's in Boston, for Culhane's in Jacksonville ! Should be a great evening.

The Transfer in 2018 - BOSTON. McGann's .

This video interview explains the terrible events of the USS Franklin and the actions that led to two of her company being awarded the Medal of Honor. Father O'Callahan was one of them. Mr. Blanchard's story is one of many that echo from the memories of the USS Franklin. He received last rites from Fr. O'Callahan - yet he survived.




Photos at Right : Fr. Joseph O'Callahan and his sister --- Sister Rose Marie O'Callahan who christened the ship in 1968. She was herself a POW of the Japanese in the Philippines in WW2 - even as USS Franklin was in combat off it's shores.