The Team

Lara Urban

Group lead

Interested in all of the research below

Also: Fieldwork, Wild swimming, Politics & Philosophy

Albert Perlas Puente

Team lead

Real-time and portable genomics for viral surveillance in the field

Also: Hiking, Wildlife, Sailing

Ela Djamila Sauerborn

Medical doctor & PhD student

Real-time metagenomics for rapid pathogen detection and resistance predictions in bloodstream infections

Also: Pilates, Writing, Music

Daniel Gygax

PhD student

Evolutionary genomics and conservation genetics,

Also: Fitness, Reading, Nature 

Linus Hoelzel

MSc student

Genomics, causality, systems biology

Also: Volleyball, Chess, Card games

Tim Reska

PhD student

Environmental genomics & transcriptomics analyses

Also: Fitness, Reading, Cooking

Harika Urel

PhD student

Deep learning for pathogen detection

Also: Yoga, Reading, Movies

Samir Vargas da Fonseca Atum

PhD student & Capes fellowship & HIDA fellowship recipient

Freshwater monitoring

Also: Archery, Hiking, Reading


Anastasiia Grekova

Now: EMBL PhD student

Microbiome studies using nanopore sequencing

Also: Alpinism, Coding, Poetry

Visitors (and long-term affiliates)

Camila Acosta-López 

Associate Professor & HIDA fellowship recipient

Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas, Universidad Central del Ecuador

Fazal Adnan

Associate Professor & HIDA fellowship recipient

National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad

Eddie Martin

PhD student & EASTBIO DTP recipient

University of Edinburgh

Valentin Rauscher

BSc student

Technical University of Munich

Amir Reza Varzandi

PhD student & Erasmus+ recipient

University of Turin