05/2024: Celebrating many group successes from the last weeks (see Home/Group Diary).

01/2024: Fieldwork in the Atacama desert, Chile.

10/2023: Besides many science presentations (see right column) this autumn, the group has been busy showcasing our research to non-expert audiences, too, for example here in Spain and in Guatemala. 

15-20/05/2023: Presenting all our research at the University of Cambridge, at EMBL-EBI, and at the biggest nanopore technology conference of the year – London Calling 2023! What a success!

05/09/2023: Our first One Health workshop in the German Alps!

24/07/2023: Lara gives a plenary talk at SMBE 2023 – quite cool venue!

03/05/2023: Celebrating our first alumna's, Anastasia's, successful Master's thesis defense

01/05/2023: Our first group hike to Tutzing

27/04/2023: First BBQ of the year at Helmholtz AI Institute

22/02/2023: Our first group photo and film shooting, see the short film here

27/10/2022: Lara is invited to London to celebrate eLife's 10th anniversary, see the resulting pub here