Genomics and AI in the context of

One Health

Research group led by Lara Urban

We study how genomics, portable technology, and statistics can benefit environmental health and nature conservation in the context of One Health, which affirms that human health and the health of our planet are inextricably linked.

This research group is funded by a Helmholtz Principal Investigator Grant awarded to Lara together with a Principal Investigator position at the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus and the Helmholtz AI institute and a faculty position at the Technical University of Munich School of Life Sciences. Until 2022, Lara's research focused on how genomics can support the recovery of critically endangered wildlife in her role as an Independent Humboldt Research Fellow in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This website is currently being created; please refer to for Lara's past research,

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We support fair and responsible research assessment, and discourage inappropriate use of proxies such as journal impact factors, and value research outputs based on their intrinsic merit [text adopted by an EMBL statement].Β 

Our group is a signatory of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).


🚨31-01-23 Upcoming Talk - "Real-time Genomics for One Health":Β  On February 8th, Lara will showcase several examples where she and her team have leveraged real-time genomics through portable nanopore sequencing in the realms of biodiversity, infectious disease, and water and air quality research. For further details on the content (or abstract) of the talk and the online participation πŸ‘‰here. The recorded talk will be available πŸ‘‰here. Β 

🚨16-01-23 "Nachwuchswissenschaftler" Award: Lara has been declared Young Investigator of the Year 2022 by academia for her lasting positive impact on science and research through outstanding commitment; she will receive her prize at the Gala der deutschen Wissenschaft in Berlin on April 3rd, 2023. For more information, click πŸ‘‰here for the original announcement and find the Helmholtz announcements in the English language πŸ‘‰here (Helmholtz AI), πŸ‘‰here (Pioneer Campus), or πŸ‘‰here (Helmholtz Munich).

🚨12-01-23 Upcoming Talk: On January 26th, Lara will give a talk at Oxford Nanopore Technologies on "Non-invasive real-time genomic monitoring of the critically endangered kākāpō". For more information, click πŸ‘‰here. The recording is available πŸ‘‰here.Β  Β 

🚨09-01-23 New team members: The beginning of 2023 has added two new members to our team, postdocs Amit and Albert. We look forward to having these two excellent and motivated researchers work with us, and welcoming them properly at the next big group dinner on Feb 2nd. For more information, click πŸ‘‰here.