The Young Leader's Guide to Internships, Scholarships, and Fellowships in Washington, D.C., and Beyond

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About the book

The Young Leader's Guide to Internships, Scholarships, and Fellowships in Washington, D.C., and Beyond is a unique compilation of hundreds of valuable opportunities for aspiring young change-makers. Aimed at college sophomores through early-career professionals, it can be purchased in either e-book ($6.88) or paperback ($10) format via Amazon.

Our role

We donated hundreds of hours of professional editing and writing time to make The Young Leader's Guide a useful and accurate resource for America's college students, their parents, and recent graduates.

We're now seeking to ensure that it reaches its target audience. We particularly want the guide to reach HBCUs and other publicly funded colleges and universities far from Washington, D.C.

We're working with the University of Oregon Career Center to make the e-book available to students at no charge on the password-protected Handshake portal. We're happy to make the same offer to other colleges and universities; if interested, contact us.


-- Over 500 specific internship, scholarship, and fellowship listings, each with a verified link to the sponsoring organization's website

-- Chapters listing scholarships and fellowships specifically for women and diverse candidates

-- Expert advice on writing a compelling cover letter and nailing your interview(s)

-- Numerous insider’s tips on living, working, and thriving in Washington, D.C., and beyond

More details

The internship section includes individual chapters on opportunities at national media organizations, international organizations, consulting firms, law firms, and many of today’s hottest tech companies, as well as hundreds of opportunities with government and nonprofit organizations.

The scholarships and fellowships section includes a chapter on opportunities for study abroad that can put this dream within reach for today's young leaders.

The guide also includes personal tips, advice, and stories from the author, who secured more than $300,000 in scholarships to finance bachelor's and master's degrees from Georgetown and the University of Oxford after fleeing the 2010 earthquake in his native Haiti. He also won internships with the Office of the Senate Majority Leader, the French Foreign Ministry, and the Organization of American States.


* Download the first five chapters for free via Amazon, or use the Look Inside feature to preview.

* E-book can be lent once for a duration of 14 days once purchased.