Unmet Need Report 2023

The Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Branch of Tribal Climate Resilience (TCR) received a Congressional mandate to provide “information on the unmet need of coastal Tribes in the lower 48 states that are facing relocation due to climate impacts.”  TCR is working with the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) based out of Northern Arizona University and others to produce a report with this information. The report is due December 2023. 

For the report we are considering both the need to protect and/or move (relocate) infrastructure and/or cultural resources due to climate impacts such as erosion, sea level rise, increased flooding, wildfire, and more. We would also like to understand the broad range of needs that Tribes may have related to relocation and protecting-in-place (RP) including legal, infrastructural, and policy needs, information for decision-making, social, health, and cultural considerations, and more. 

This report builds on a 2020 document, Informational Report: Unmet Infrastructure Needs of Tribal Communities and Alaska Native Villages in Process of Relocating to Higher Ground as a Result of Climate Change

Report Outcomes

Outcomes of the Unmet Need Report include:


Coastal Tribes: 

Protecting-in-place: The use of shoreline protection measures and structure rehabilitation, re-stabilization, or other adaptation measures to prevent or minimize impacts, allowing portions of a community or the entire the community to remain in its current location.

Relocation: Moving select infrastructure/portions of the community (partial relocation) or the entire community (full relocation) to a new location.