Independent advice and support concerning a funeral

There is no denying our mortality. That is why in life, whether in good or bad health, we might have questions about a funeral. My services are intended to help you in the difficult time after a loved one has passed away and as well for your own peace of mind, long before the time comes.

Important to know: In France a death needs to be notified to the mairie within 24 hours and the funeral needs to take place within 6 days!


° Guidance on choosing a funeral company (pompes funèbres)

You are always free to choose your own funeral company, at any time, even if the person concerned died in a nursing home or hospital, and the staff have already contacted a funeral company to administer the initial care. This may happen if the relatives cannot be reached immediately. You are still within your rights to change companies.

The fees of funeral companies vary greatly!

You can ask for several quotes, but for many this is a very difficult task.

I can obtain quotes for you, even on the day following the death.

° Together we can put your wishes concerning your funeral on paper

It can sometimes be difficult to talk about death with loved ones, or perhaps you just want to know what is possible within French law, or you have questions about transporting the deceased from or to their country of origin.

Increasingly people also want to decide for themselves how their own funeral should be organised, although often they do not know if their wishes can be implemented in France.

The deeper I delved into this matter, the more interested I became in it. One question that came up was:

What is possible when you wish to personalise a funeral within French law?

The answer is: A lot ! There are many ways to make a funeral personal!

I am glad to help you find specific answers.

° Independent advice on funeral insurance

No one likes to think about death, although it is an inevitable part of life. Taking out a funeral insurance and expressing your wishes and/or objections can be an enormous financial and emotional relief for your relatives in the sad, difficult and hectic days after your passing.

In France there are 3 options for taking out a funeral insurance:

* with a bank

* with an insurer

* with a funeral company

Which insurance policy best suits your own needs depends on your personal situation and wishes. It is recommended that you list all the pros and cons of each insurance and weigh up the options.

I can counsel you in this matter in a completely objective way.


° Language support, among other things

When a loved one passes away, despite the sadness and pain, a great many things need to be arranged within a short space of time. It is a difficult task, even within your own country.

It can be quite daunting to organise a funeral in another country. The language may be a barrier, not only for those who live here, but also for family and friends who will travel here to offer their support and comfort.

On top of that, you may feel powerless when faced with different laws, rules and customs.

I can offer you professional accompaniment in contacting the funeral company and communicating with them, which can be very reassuring and in turn contribute to the smooth organisation of the funeral.

° Personalising a funeral

Finding the right words when you have lost a loved one can prove challenging for many, some may be unable to find the right words when so much should be said.

Saying words of farewell during a ceremony is certainly not easy, the emotions may be overwhelming. That is why it is sometimes helpful to have someone else say these words. Those present will often be of different nationalities, which is why it may be nice to have at least some words said in different languages (English and/or French or even Dutch).

More and more people opt for a non-religious funeral and prefer a more personal farewell, fitting with their own philosophy of life, culture and background. You may find yourself in need of assistance and inspiration in order to fulfil those wishes.

I can help you organise an appropriate funeral, and speak at the ceremony (in English, French or Dutch), or support you when you are speaking.

Of course, I am also available for any and all further questions.

I have a “Diplôme National de Conseillère Funéraire” as required by French law and will always work in close coordination with the “Pompes Funèbres” of your choice. They handle the practical side, I handle the personal side. Together we will ensure a smooth and dignified funeral.

Death is not the opposite of life,

but a part of it

Haruki Murakami