Under My Wing

Security. Confidence. Empowerment.

This is what we seek to spread with our app, Under My Wing. From the beginning, we wanted to address the shockingly high statistics of sexual assault in the United States and globally. It all started with a big idea...

Download Under My Wing on the Google Play Store to boost your security on the go & support our world-changing idea!

Components of the App:

Emergency Call Buttons:

    • On the top of your screen, you will always find three pink buttons:
      • To call 911, click the button with “Police Call”, found on the right.
      • To call one companion (friends or family members you would call and trust in an emergency) and text another, click “Contact Companions”, found on the left.
      • To call 911 AND send an automated text to notify your companions (friends or family members you would call and trust in an emergency) at the same time, click “Contact Police & Companions" button.

Self-Defense Feature

    • Self-defense is useful as a last resort to escape a threatening situation if all other means of escape (via the app) fail.
    • The self-defense feature enables you to access self defense video tutorials and descriptions. The videos were recorded by a team member who is a skilled black belt in Karate. The videos contain a variety of moves to be practiced on other individuals, and voiceover describing how and when to perform the move. Descriptions can be found below the videos. Use this feature to familiarize yourself with basic moves and defense strategies. These will allow you to keep yourself safe and not have to rely on other people.

Fake Phone Call Feature

    • The safest method of defense in a potentially threatening situation is to escape the situation as quickly and smoothly as possible. One way to do so is simulate a scenario in which you are engaged in a conversation with another person. Use the fake phone call button to do so. Emergency calling features will still be accessible when the fake phone call feature is in use.
    • This specific button gives you the ability to make a fake phone call when suspicious of danger. The button opens up to a page where you’ll be able to set a time until the phone ‘calls’. After the set time passes, the phone will ring and give the impression that a call is being received. The page will then change to reveal what appears to be a real call screen. The logic behind this button is to dissuade any potential attackers from making a move from fear of alerting another person of their intentions.

Audio Recording

    • To use the feature, click the button to start and stop the audio recording. You can use this audio recording to record any activity that you wish to save to the app.

Video Recording

      • To use this feature, click the video icon. You can use this video to record any suspicious activity as evidence. Videos will save to the app.


    • This feature is accessed by clicking the camera icon
      • To use the camera, click the button as you normally would take a photo on your device. You can use this camera to record any activity that you wish to save to the app.


    • A loud alarm will sound when this button is clicked. Use this button to make passerbys more aware of you and therefore able to help in a threatening situation.


    • External Resources can be found on this website and also under the "Information" section of the app. These external resources can help to inform you and also includes resources that can help people who have been victims of sexual assault in the past and/or are looking to seek other guidance in different components of their life.