Service Learning

Student AMbassador

University of Idaho College of Engineering 2019-2020

I am a 2019-2020 Student Ambassador for the College of Engineering (CoE). As an Ambassador, I work promotional events for CoE in the form of UIBound, Envision Idaho, and K-12 Out Reach Events. These events range from tabling, working demonstrations (my personal favorite is Elephant Toothpaste), to one-on-one conversations with potential future students. Furthermore, we serve as the face of the CoE in student interactions with CoE alumni and donors.

The Ambassador team forms a strong bond over the course of the Academic Year through a leadership retreat, weekly meetings, monthly activities, and many hours spent on the road together traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest.

officer for engineering Grand challenge scholars club

Treasurer 2019-2020

I believe that the Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP) offers invaluable, unparalleled opportunities for success for CoE students at the University of Idaho. My phenomenal experience with this program lead me to become an officer for the student branch of GCSP. My role as Treasurer is to have consistent oversight of the student associated expenditure, as well as participating in the Engineering Grand Challenges Leadership Class (ENGR 401) throughout Fall 2019. As an Officer for the club, I am committed to recruiting new members for GCSP and mentoring them throughout their program experience.

Community Representative

Residence Hall Association 2018-2019

I have been an active member of RHA since Fall 2018 as a Community Representative, and plan to continue to do so for at least two semesters. At weekly meetings I have helped plan numerous events, manage our budget, and be a productive member of a team. Perhaps most importantly, I have gained a better understanding of the needs of my Residence Hall Community. This has been a great introduction to societal awareness, a critical skill for any engineer.

elementary Science fairs

As someone who has always loved science, I will never forget the annual Science Fair that my school hosts. I plan to use my contacts in the Moscow School District to volunteer as a judge at the local elementary school science fairs. I remember the impact those events had on me, and I hope to inspire young students as I was once inspired.