Interdisciplinary Learning

Presenting research at interdisciplinary conferences

Statewide INBRE Summer Conferences 2018 & 2019

The last two Summers I had the privilege of presenting my research at the culminating INBRE Summer Conferences. At the 2018 and 2019 Conferences, the majority of presenters and attendees were outside the field of Engineering. Accordingly, I spent the 3 day Conferences learning about the incredible research being conducted by biologists, microbiologists, plant scientists, psychologists, etc. It was an eye-opening to experience to realize that, while superficially our research appears quite different, many times my research overlapped in ways I would have never anticipated.

Additionally, these Conferences taught me how to present my highly specific tissue engineering research in manner more conducive to an audience with my different backgrounds. I quickly learned when its appropriate to drop the technical jargon of my field in favor of more broad explanations.

Top: Statewide INBRE Summer 2019 Research Conference (photo courtesy of Jerome Poulos Photography)

Minor in Pre-Health Sciences

Fall 2018- Spring 2022

My passion of engineering is fueled by my involvement in research and my engineering courses. However, I want my Biological Engineering degree to be more closely focused on biomedical research. Within the College of Engineering (CoE), this is accomplished through my Engineering Technical Electives, but I want to expand outside CoE to gain a better understanding of biomedical research from a broader persepctive. Accordingly, I am working towards earning a minor in Pre-Health Sciences to fulfil this goal.

Honors integrated seminar

Fall 2018

During my time in GCSP I hope to strengthen my understanding of how my passions can benefit our global community as well as my technical skills. To begin accomplishing this, I took the course Honors Love & Happiness to learn more about myself and the society in which I live because I recognize that some of the best engineers are well rounded individuals who understand not only the world around them, but also what drives them internally.