Exploring Entrepreneurship

My passion for learning is what drives me to grow as both a student, an engineer, and as a person. However, as I have grown over the last few years I have begun to find that learning is not enough; knowledge isn’t meant to be coveted, it’s meant to be shared to benefit the global community. Accordingly, marketing my research and ideas is as critical as my actual research. While poster presentations and research pitches, such as the GCSP Pitch Event, have been great opportunities for me to become a better communicator, I also plan on taking multiple businesses/entrepreneurship related courses. Here are a two examples of courses I plan to take:

  • Businesses 414 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • ME 452 - TechVentures


Offices: Recruitment Chair and Member Educator 2019-Present

Spring 2019 concluded with me becoming one of three original founding members of a new fraternity on campus, Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE). Over the course of the last 6 months, I have served as the Recruitment Chairman and Educator for TKE. My primary mission in these roles is to guide the expansion of the fraternity through our member base. In my time overseeing recruitment in Fall 2019, nearly 20 men have joined this new brotherhood. I am proud to say that over half of our members are STEM related majors, a ratio unprecedented in Fraternities at the University of Idaho and most institutions nationwide. The communication and entrepreneurial skills I have begun to acquire through my role in founding a UIdaho Chapter of TKE has taught that in order to sell my product (whether it be TKE or the importance of tendon biomechanics), it all begins by first selling myself.