Our Team


Miranda Nillo

Year: 5th

Major: Psychology and Political Science

Position: Scrum half

Fav rugby memory: Beating UCSD at Harder Stadium my first year

Carolyn Gallays

Year: 4th

Major: Psychology/Sociology

Position: Hooker (2)

Fav rugby memory: Finding all of my friends and community in rugby

Jas Guevera

Year: 4th

Major: Spanish

Position: Tight Head

Fav rugby memory: Going to playoffs last year. Also when we're just chillin, because something funny will for sure happen and we're just laughing and enjoying our time together.

Amanda Bolinger

Year: 4th

Major: Art

Position: Scrumhalf

Fav rugby memory: Jumping into the pool after the first day at Scrum by the Sea this year.

Vivian Badillo Velasco

Year: 3st

Major: Biology

Position: Center (13)

Fav rugby memory: Subbing in during a tourney with a fractured purple hand after Lauren left the field in an ambulance, and scoring a try

Jasmin Mejia (Jaz)

Year: 3st

Major: Sociology

Position: Prop

Fav rugby memory: First game at Elings field where we were able to play with Olympic rugby player Kelly Griff, it was such a fun experience to be able to learn from someone who has played rugby on team USA in the Olympics.

Shannon Lee

Year: 3st

Major: Linguistics with French emphasis

Minor: Art History

Position: Lock

Fav rugby memory: Team bonding game nights

Maria Tejada

Year: 3st

Major: Sociology

Position: Fly-half (10)

Rugby memory: Chico gorl pulling my hair two years after UCLA gorl pulled it

Lauren Thunen

Year: 3st

Major: History/Black Studies

Position: Inside Center (12)

Fav rugby memory: Debbie the Van

Kayla Aurelio Hughes

Year: 3st

Major: English/Sociology

Position: Winger (11)

Fav rugby memory: "Too many to choose just one, I have new crazy experiences with these people every day.... also, Arizona."

Molly Yoon ("Cap")

Year: 4th

Major: Environmental Studies

Position: Eight-man

Fav rugby memory: Playing my first game with UCSB

Rory Bevacqua

Year: 3st

Major: Psychological Brain Sciences

Position: Flanker

Fav rugby memory: Our rookie appreciation skit and making fun of our admin

Layla Hernandez

Year: 3st

Major: Statistics

Position: Lock

Fav rugby memory: Making her first tackle

Naomi Carrillo (Cap)

Year: 4th

Major: Biological Sciences

Position: Inside Center

Fav rugby memory: Tearing up every other day whenever she thinks about her beautiful strong rugby family and realizing its been an endless stream of good mems to ever choose just one

Tracy Smith

Year: 4th

Major: Sociology

Minor: History

Position: Flank

Fav rugby memory: stealing my first ball on a defensive line out

Morgan Zimmerman

Year: 3rd

Major: Biological Anthropology

Position: Fullback, Outside Center

Fav rugby memory: Every pre-game huddle!

Jori Herman

Year: 2nd

Major: Political Science

Minors: Spanish and Educational Studies

Position: Prop

Fav rugby memory: Ornament making at the Rugbae House and making memories with the strongest and most amazing girls I know!!

Jessica Cortez

Year: 2nd

Major: Film and Media Studies

Position: Winger

Fav rugby memory: Any team bonding or roast fest

Kimberly Cazaras

Year: 2nd

Major: Political Studies & Global Studies

Position: Flank

Fav rugby memory: Unexpectedly yeeting Naomi at practice when she was just learning to tackle

Alysaa McDermott

Year: 3rd

Major: Anthropology

Position: Flank

Fav rugby memory: Playing Mario Party at Layla's house the night before the Davis game

Michele Mirador

Year: 2nd

Major: Sociology

Position: Prop, Lock

Fav rugby memory: The holiday party and hanging out with my favorite girls

Payton Frei

Year: 1st

Major: Biology

Position: Lock

Fav rugby memory: Everything about my first game, but especially when I made my first tackle and got kicked in the face

Sasha "Cracky" Carrillo

Year: 9

Major: Emotional Support Studies

Position: Mascot

Fav rugby memory: Being the center of attention at every game and getting to roll around in that sweet sweet field grass