Our Team


Payton Frei

Year: 3rd

Major: Environmental Science

Position: Lock/ Prop

Fav rugby memory: Everything about my first game, but especially when I made my first tackle and got kicked in the face

"I like playing rugby because I love the rush, stepping onto the field with my best friends really makes me feel alive."

Anna Haggart

Year: 4th

Major: Biopsychology

Position: Center/ Scrum-half

Fav rugby memory: Playing in my first ever tournament at Long Beach.

"I like playing rugby because tackling someone is the best way to relieve stress."

Desiree Champagne-Terrell

Year: 4th

Major: Global Studies

Position: Prop

Fav rugby memory: All our road trips to Arizona!

"I like playing rugby because of the lifelong friendships I have made."

Jess Cortez

Year: 4th

Major: Film & Media Studies

Position: Left Wing/ Full Back

Fav rugby memory: Rucksgiving & all the away games.

"I enjoy playing rugby because I’m allowed to build bonds with woman of all different backgrounds, knowing we’ll have each other’s backs on and off the field. Whether it be sport related, personal, or academic."

Kimberly Cazaras

Year: 4th

Major: Political Studies & Global Studies

Position: Flanker

Fav rugby memory: Unexpectedly yeeting Naomi at practice when she was just learning to tackle.

Michele Mirador

Year: 4th

Major: Sociology & Art

Position: Forward

Fav rugby memory: The Arizona trip.

"I play rugby because I love my team. I've never met a more supportive and loving group of girls ever. College is hard, but I can get through anything with my girls behind me."

Lauren Hester

Year: 4th

Major: Communication

Position: Lock

Fav rugby memory: Rookie initiation.

"I like playing because of the memories and friendships I have formed with my teammates."

Lea Fehringer

Year: 2nd

Major: Geology

Position: Lock/ Flanker

Kaylee Murphy

Year: 2nd

Major: Environmental Studies

Position: Center

Fav rugby memory: Playing in the mud at UC Davis!

"I like playing rugby because of the family that is created on and off the field."

Ara Abelardo

Year: 2nd

Major: Geology

Position: Wing

Fav rugby memory: Playing rugby with the Mermaids & the alumni during the Alumni Weekend!

"I like playing rugby because of the dynamic nature of the sport- the teamwork, cooperation, and physicality. It’s also a very inclusive sport; you don’t have to be a certain size or shape or anything, you’re welcome as you are!"

Anahi Garcia

Year: 2nd

Major: Art & Anthropology

Position: Flanker/ Prop

Fav rugby memory: Playing in my first game against UCLA!

"I like playing rugby because of how inclusive the environment is and because it's a super fun challenge."

Lilly Cuthbert

Year: 2nd

Major: Undeclared

Position: Inside Center

Fav rugby memory: My first practice.

"I like playing because of all the cool people I get to meet and become friends with."

Haylee Damron

Year: 2nd

Major: Biochemistry

Position: Outside middle/ Wing

Fav rugby memory: Playing against ASU.

Cynthia Avina

Year: 4th

Major: Sociology

Minor: Applied Psychology

Position: Prop/ Hooker

Fav rugby memory: Practice in the rain :)

"I like playing rugby because I get to spend time with amazing people that I'm proud to call my friends. Also, it helps to get out any anger, stress, and anxiey I have."