Our Administration

President: Maria Tejada

Year: 3rd

Major: Sociology

Minor: Education & Applied Psychology

Position: Fly Half

"Your boo-thang's favorite DJ"

Vice President: Rory Bevacqua

Year: 3rd

Majors: Psychology & Brain Sciences, Geography

Position: Wing

Won prom queen twice

Treasurer/Co-communication: Kayla Hughes

Year: 3rd

Major: English & Sociology

Position: Wing

An acquired taste

Co-Recruitment & Co-Communication: Naomi Carrillo

Year: 4th

Major: Biological Sciences

Position: Fullback

Draws strength from absorbed sibling in the womb :)

Co-Recruitment: Layla Hernandez

Year: 3rd


Position: Lock

"I'll fight you"

Co-Alumni: Lauren "Eagle" Thunen

Year: 3rd

Majors: History and Black Studies

Position: Center

Is secretly a golden retriever trapped in a human body

Co-Alumni: Carolyn Gallays

Year: 4th

Major: Psychology & Communication

Position: Hooker

"I once met Mitchell Musso because I won a pumpkin carving contest"

Fundraising:Miranda Nillo

Year: 5th

Major: Psychology & Political Science

Position: Scrum Half

voted most likely to save the world in high school

Co-Fundraising: Amanda Bolinger

Year: 4th

Major: Art

Position: Wing

You can break my collarbone but not my spirit

Historian: Vivian Badillo

Year: 3rd

Major: Biology

Position: Outside center

pharmacy tech

Co-Social: Molly Rice Yoon

Year: 4th

Major: Environmental Sciences

Position: Flank

My father named me after his favorite grain

Co-Social: Jasmine Guevara

Year: 4th

Major: Spanish

Position: Prop

Co-Social: Jasmin Mejia

Year: 3rd

Major: Sociology

Minor: Portuguese

Position: Prop

Used to watch rugby all the time as a kid and had no idea tf it was until she got to college and started playing RUGBY rugby