Prepare Apache for Websites using Virtual Hosts

Don't confuse this stage with the install and activation of a Drupal 8 CMS; that will come later. Right now you are seeing how to get away from the default web-server that Ubuntu set-up ( /var/www/html/ ) and be able to host multiple FQDN's on your single IP Address.

This page got shoehorned in before the info about secure eMail server set-up because of hindsight. A small glitch in that process made me do this quickly before I could proceed with secure outbound eMail. Because of that, I'm telling you to do this first. ;)

This very brief video didn't cover sub-domains and a lot of other fancy tricks you can do in Apache. Those will be covered later.

(added 9/19/2017)

I noticed I did something stupid, but not horrible. I put my publicly readable cert files for encryption in the /etc/ssl/certs directory, but I should have put my files in the /etc/ssl/public folder and made a symbolic link of the file into the /etc/ssl/certs directory:

  • ln -s /etc/ssl/public/<filename>.crt /etc/ssl/certs/<filename>.crt