Learn how to build a Linux web server

This guide takes you from a blank computer to your own privately owned website hosting service

This website is verbose documentation of how to install Ubuntu Linux 16.04 server from scratch onto a HP ProLiant DL360 G6 Server, then adding a system called Webmin. Once Webmin goes on a Linux distribution, you can remotely maintain that server with a point and click webpage interface. Security measures that protect your server and the subsequent programs and information you add to it will be shown after Webmin. I will be showing tweak's for the MySQL & PostgreSQL database software systems as well as adding the PHP web interfaces for managing them. And, one of the main goals herein, I will be demonstrating the install of a Drupal 8 CMS for building website's that are eCommerce capable. I'll also show how to add WordPress sites to a server for minor projects.

Security is a priority. I'll demonstrate sufficient "locking-down" methods where necessary. I'll demonstrate a new trick I learned about Secure Socket Layer web server setup that you can do without understanding a single bit of how encryption works on a website.

Their's other enhancements I'll be showing too, but instead of enumerating them here, I'll mention the improvements as I install and configuration them in the main video topics.

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