A fundamental part of earning trust means being clear about how we use your information and protect your
human right to privacy

Airbnb Privacy Policy


That all seeing eye up there is watching an astronaut exercise. In 2001: A Space Odyssey there is an artificial intelligence named HAL (that's "IBM" with the letters shifted) who runs the internet of things. HAL watched things very closely. When things weren't going HALs way... he cuts ties with his creators.

Our Information Age looks interesting through the concept of privacy. Threads from your very personal information lead to very interesting places. Maybe they end up being held by people or machines you'll never met. But how will you know if you've met? In any case;

You are at a very unfair disadvantage.

In a western movie, there's always a hostile scout doing recon just over a rocky overlook. He's gathering information with a spy glass. You can't do anything about him... Maybe build a fence. Down in the saloon, there's a magic show, complete with a fortune telling psychic. His accomplice is outside the door taking names and addresses on a petition, maybe for a church or charity. Names go straight to the well paid town gossip and new information goes not-so-straight to the psychic who rewards all with astonishment. (Sorry if I psychics for you)

Today, you buy your ticket online... With credit card or phone number. These numbers allow the big gossip (who's been collecting dirt on you for years) to lookup your Mini-Me in the sky. The following pages will help you understand where the Mini-Me data comes from and where it goes.

But where's the modern day the psychic? What is the act? Who gets rewarded?

There might be important relationships between unrelated subjects - like privacy, persuasion, and personhood. This site unrolls that idea - tries to
convince you to look at those relationships closely. Convincing has a long history and many words describe how it actually happens. These include: educate, argue, influence, persuade, manipulate, and coerce. The words detail how the act of convincing actually happens. Most powerfully, they allow us to talk things over with others... if we want to.

Who's the manipulator? Where is the theater? Who gets rewarded?

manipulations of political theater fill our hearts to the brim with feelings of anger and love. It's more entertaining then the movies, but weekly sequels, and free! Free? Nope. When you are given something for free - you become indebted by loyalty [Chialdi] - you will dress up like your favorite character in the show and carry their flag. You pay for free lunch.

Anger is a distraction that keeps us from uncovering who the manipulator is. Anger kills conversation, conversation ruins illusion. Manipulators are not interested in having rewarding illusions exposed. Angry arguing - disgusting or enjoyable - this much should be clear; Anger is a weapon destroying The United States and much of the free world. There are lots of reasons for anger, but partisan anger is manufactured, under its cloud there is a manipulator

Bring your own. We provide no evil left or right. No sound, no fury (no advertising revenue) No talkin head commentary or intentional distraction. Magic is all about distraction. No distraction - no magic. But we love distraction and magic! Right. Until your friend gets chained up or sawn in half. Maybe you get sawn in half, maybe your family... or your country. Pretty soon it's not a show. Shootin, lootin, and Putin destroy the town. If your into that kind of thing, don't bother with this site... or conversation for that matter.

When people who want to make up their own minds
come to their own conclusions
they are free to act on their own conclusions

When people who want to make up their own minds
DONT come to their own conclusions
they are not free to act on their own conclusions

Personhood has been compromised

This site is for conversation, a challenge to talk about things. You can invite an 'enemy' to read some with you... maybe even someone in your family! Maybe there's common ground. For instance... no one likes their mind to be messed with. True? Authoritarians, despots, dictators - enemies or freedom - rely on mind messing (manipulation) to get their way. But everyone wants a free mind... attached to free person.

Feel free to think of this site as a magazine shared by friends or others - maybe your family. The magazine might be lying on the kitchen table. You can talk about it when no one else is listening. Ok... maybe Alexa or Siri are listening. The creators of Siri and Alexa are actually fighting (against he NSA for instance) for your privacy. Today. Maybe.

"We are the only western nation who does not have a similar law"
Julia Angwin

Who Cares ?

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