F.o.S.Ch - Friends of Sissinghurst Church

July 2017

Maintenance and Upkeep of the Village Church and adjacent Parish Room

You may or may not be aware that there is a Sissinghurst village organisation "The Friends of Sissinghurst Church" that financially assists with the maintenance of the fabric and the general upkeep of the Church and Parish Room, This is to ensure that our church is not lost in the future. The Parish Room is used for many village functions.

How you can help

Many villagers are members of FoSCh and pay annual subscriptions which are essential for funding the maintenance work.

You do not have to be a churchgoer in order to help with this important task.

Trinity Church, in the heart of Sissinghurst, like all similar historical buildings incurs expenditure to maintain the internal and external fabric. The FoSCh Committee very much hope that you can support this and become a member of the Friends of Sissinghurst Church too.

Should you wish to become a member, and we would be forever grateful if you do, a membership application is downloadable below.

If you wish to know more prior to applying please contact the Membership Secretary.

Peter V P Mellor (Membership Secretary) E-Mail: advice@petermellor.co.uk

Mill Farm, Sissinghurst, Cranbrook, TN17 2HX Telephone: 01580 715860 (office at home)

F.o.S.C.h Membership

To apply for membership, please complete this form and return to Peter Mellor.

Download an Application form here.