Butler Freeport Trail

The Butler Freeport Community Trail is roughly 28 miles. The trail joins the City of Butler and the Borough of Freeport. The trail is hard packed limestone. As the trail leaves Butler it slightly gains elevation to the highest point in Cabot. From Cabot to Freeport the trail gives up that elevation along an especially breathtaking scenic section that runs along the beautiful Little Buffalo Creek.

www: http://www.butlerfreeporttrail.org/.

Butler Trailhead location: Butler, PA Directions

Sarver Road Trailhead location: Sarver, PA Directions

There are limited public restroom facilities along the trail. There are a few rustic picnic spots. The trail also has a friendly trail side café and bike shop.


  1. A well fitting and maintained bike with freshly inflated tires. Because the trail surface is crushed limestone, it can be soft in wet weather. Road tires are fine when the trail is dry, wider hybrid tires are best when the trail is wet and soft.

Optional (recommended) equipment:

  1. A patch kit with a pump.
  2. Small tool kit.