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TRAIL ADAMS AREA is formed to preserve and promote community trails in and around Adams Township, Butler County Pennsylvania.

  • To create, identify, protect and promote hiking, biking, and equestrian trails in the Adams Township and surrounding areas, thereby increasing awareness and enjoyment of the Area’s unique geographical features, natural resources and open spaces by residents and visitors to the area.
  • To create a framework for an interconnected system of trails within the limits of Adams Township and surrounding community boundaries with an eye towards the future and creating an expanded network that will connect to potential or existing trail systems in surrounding communities.
  • To provide a recreational and educational experience available to all residents and visitors of Adams Township.
  • To plan, build, map, and maintain trails through reserved open space.
  • To coordinate with the Township of Adams, neighboring community, county and state officials regarding planning, extension, and linkages to trails in adjoining towns and regional trail systems.
  • To disseminate information to the public on the availability and proper use of the trails, and publicize the health benefits of walking, hiking, biking and equestrians riding.
  • To provide access to, and a view of, historical sites not visible from public roads.



  • President: Clay Morrow
  • Vice President: Pete Ferraro
  • Treasurer: Darryl Brandon
  • Secretary: Shelley Wood

At large directors:

  • Becky Check
  • Tammy Crouthamel
  • Jay Henderson
  • Janel Kasowski
  • David Wood

Our Bylaws

Trail Adams ByLaws_Amended_01082019.pdf