Allegheny River Trail

The Allegheny River Trail is roughly 35+ miles. The trail is flat and paved. I've encountered, eagles, fox, deer and turkey along the trail. The trail is remote. On the day that I was on the trail, I crossed paths with three fellow trail users in 26 miles. The trail s quiet. Expect to hear, your heartbeat, the wind, the flowing Allegheny river, waterfalls, birds, and leaves crunching under your tires.

The most difficult part of this trail is that you will want constantly stop to take pictures.

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Trailhead location: Emlenton, PA Directions

Video: Allegheny River Trail, Rockland, PA

There are no public restroom facilities along the trail. There are a few rustic picnic spots. The trail features a tunnel at roughly mile 6.

Side bike trips include a short 1/2 mile trail detour to the Rockland Iron Furnace and Freedom Falls.

This trail is remote. Think self sufficiency. Think minimal first aid kit.


  1. A well fitting and maintained bike with freshly inflated tires.
  2. 2 headlights (tunnel at mile six). Handheld flashlights work very well.

Optional (recommended) equipment:

  1. A patch kit with a pump.
  2. Small tool kit.

A possible side trip is fueling up in Foxburg, PA. Foxburg is 5 or 6 miles down river from Emlenton.

If desired, overnight accommodations are available at the Foxburg Inn.

Numerous local outfitters do inexpensive, self guided, shuttled, Allegheny River canoe floats. A nice easy introductory float would go from Emlenton to Foxburg. Depending on flows, this trip could require very little paddling and take 4 - 6 hours.

This is the view at the GPS coordinates above. The trail head parking lot is down the single lane road ahead.

This is the view at the GPS coordinates above. The trail head parking lot is down the single lane road ahead on the left.

The parking lot. Roughly 40 spots of safe parking.

The trail! Beautiful, flat, paved smooth, peaceful. No cars, no trucks.

One of the many dramatically beautiful views.

This peaceful place is well worth the drive.

Rockland Tunnel. The tunnel has a leak roughly 40 yards in. It is possible to navigate around the leaking falling water. Other than that leak, the tunnel is dry. No bats. This tunnel is completely dark. Here's a cool you tube video on the Rockland Tunnel.

Baby foxes at the mouth of their den on the Emlenton side of the Rockland tunnel.

A nice little side trip is to take the gravel road at the Kennerdale portal side of the Rockland Tunnel. Freedom Falls and the Rockland Furnace are roughly one half mile ride uphill from the Rockland Tunnel. The uphill is fairly steep and the path from the road to the furnace / falls is a small hiking challenge.

Can you think summer creek stomping to a swimming hole?

This trail brought to you by Allegheny Valley Conservancy and the Venango Conservation District.