Weekly Classes

I've been teaching history to adults for many years and my weekly history classes are very popular - I am currently running these online via Zoom!

You can come along any week and pay per course .... all you need is an interest in history - for more details please contact me

My history class meet on Thursday mornings from 10.30 - 12.30 pm - you are welcome to join us via Zoom any time, contact me for the link. My new class started on Thursday 21st Sept. but will still have room for you.

My Current course is

The Plantagenet Kings of England 

I'm currently running my classes via ZOOM - if you would like to be included please contact me

If you are on your own at home, or just have an interest in history, you don't need to go stir-crazy - join us every week to hear about the history of England. We are a group of like-minded people with a few hours on our hands, meeting this way is convenient and means we don't need to leave your home or travel to a venue, just turn on the PC and click the link in your email.

Here are some website links for you that you might find interesting: 

www.tonimount.com (my own website)

www.tonimount.co.uk (same 'site' as above but with the original address)

www.medievalcourses.com (seven of my history courses 'online' for download)

www.facebook.com/medievalengland (my 'Medieval England' Facebook page)

www.facebook.com/toni.mount.10 (my general Facebook page)

www.facebook.com/groups/200811006678312/ (the 'British Medieval History' Facebook page)

www.facebook.com/groups/773117079452611/ (another 'British Medieval History' Facebook page)

www.medievalists.net (best 'medieval' website/blogsite - USA based)

www.historytheinterestingbits.com/ (best 'medieval' website/blogsite - UK based)

www.historyextra.com (the BBC history website)

There are literally thousands of others ….

for more details please contact me