Weekly Classes

I've been teaching history to adults for several years, so my weekly history classes are very popular - I am currently running these online via Zoom!

You can come along any week and pay per course .... all you need is an interest in British history - for more details please contact me

My history class meet on Thursday mornings from 10.30 - 12.30 pm - you are welcome to join us via Zoom any time, contact me for the link.

My Current course is

The British Empire

I'm currently running my classes via ZOOM - if you would like to be included please contact me

So you don't go stir-crazy having to stay at home, here are some website links for you that you might find interesting:

www.tonimount.com (my own website)

www.tonimount.co.uk (same 'site' as above but with the original address)

www.medievalcourses.com (seven of my history courses 'online' for download)

www.facebook.com/medievalengland (my 'Medieval England' Facebook page)

www.facebook.com/toni.mount.10 (my general Facebook page)

www.facebook.com/groups/200811006678312/ (the 'British Medieval History' Facebook page)

www.facebook.com/groups/773117079452611/ (another 'British Medieval History' Facebook page)

www.medievalists.net (best 'medieval' website/blogsite - USA based)

www.historytheinterestingbits.com/ (best 'medieval' website/blogsite - UK based)

www.historyextra.com (the BBC history website)

There are literally thousands of others ….

Thank you for your company and loyalty over past months - or even years, in some cases. I hope we can get together again at some future date. Please keep in touch and ask any questions [about history, not the virus situation, 'cos I don't know].

Do take care, stay well and all the best,

for more details please contact me