MS 8004 The Physician's Handbook

Wellcome Library London

The Pilgrimage text from page 144 , giving directions from London to Jerusalem, may be unique - I transcribed this for my MA Thesis "A Manuscript for All Seasons" University of Kent pub. 2009

Who that wyll to Jerusalem gon he muste make

hys chaunge at London with the Lumbardes And or

thett he make hys chaunge he muste have a write

of chaunge & a writt of passage whych ij wryttes

will cost hym ij s. And qwene he comyth to Dovyr

the water bayly wyll have iiij d for brekynge of the writ

of passage the baye of the gate will have ij d and

hys fraught fro Dover to Calysse will coste hym ij s

if he be a fott mane And if he be a horsemane he will

have iiij s and iij d. And qwen he cometh to Caleys

the water bayly woll have iij d and for a horse mane

vj d. Frome Caleys to Gravenynge is iij Flemysh

myls and a Flemysh myle is iij Ynglych myls and ther

he muste pay a peny for hys passyge ovr the watyr

And frome Gravenynges iij myle to Donkyrke a wallyd

towne And fro Donkyrke v myle to (to) Newporte A

fare lytyll wallyd towne. And iiij myle to Odyngborge

And iij myle to Brugges a full fare wallyd towne. &

iiij myle to Ortell a vyllage & iiij myle to Gaunnte [Ghent]

a full full fare wallyd Cytte And ther is a fery or

We come to Gaunt and that sall coste a halpeny for pa-

ssage. And from Gaunnt to Dyndyrmont is v myle [Dendermonde]

and be twyx them is a fery that sall cost obulum [1/2] And

v myle to Maghlyn And iiij longe myle to Arsscot [Mechelen, Aarshot?]

and ij myle to Dyste a fayr wallyd towne And iij [Diest?]

myle to Arschult. And be twene Dyste and Arschult are [Hasselt?]

MS page 145

two lytyll wallyd townnys And fro Arschult to Maste- [Maastricht?]

rykk is iiij myle a fayr wallyd townne & then sallye

passe ovr a stone bryghe And ther passe the Brabaune and

entyr into Lowe Allmayne. And fro Mastrykk iiij Duch

myls to Akyne a full fayr wallyd towne And a Duch [Aachen]

myle in Lawe Allmayne is iiij Ynglysch myls. And

att Akyne is a fayr pylgrimage to oure Lady smoke [smock]

and to hyr here of hure hed. And ther are hote bathys

and that is the fyrste towne of the emperatour of Almayn

And fro Alyne iiij Duch myles to Gulke a lytyll wal-

lyd towne and ther rynnys a ryver afore that gate at Gulke

And iij myles to Berlyne alytyll wallyd towne and [not the Berlin]

iij myles to Colayne a full fayr Cytte and be twen [Cologne]

Berlyne and Colayne is a lytyll wallyd towne &

a castell And in Colayne beyn fare pylgrimagis

to the kynghes of Colayne And to the xj vyrgyns &

to the poynt of one of the nayls that wasse in the

hand of Jehsu Criste. And to the bode of Saynte

Appollony. And to the staffe of saynct Peter And

to one of the chylder of Israell And at Colayne

ther cometh to the Ryne. And then up the Ryne iiij

Duch myls to Bonnen a wallyd towne And iij [Bonn]

Duch myles to Remaght. iij Duche myle to Andyr- [Remagen, Andernach]

nake a fayr wallyd towne And ther be many

far castells & tourys enlonge the syde of the

Ryne And frome Andyrnake iij Duch myle to

MS page 146

Covelens A fare wallyd Cytte And a fayr Ryver [must be Coblenz]

and ovr the Ryne is a fayr stone bryge And a myle

to Reyns a lytyll wallyd towne & a castell And a

myle to Saltye a wallyd towne And one myle to [Salzig is south of Boppard]

Bobard a wallyd towne And iiij myle to Baghragh [Bacharach?]

a wallyd towne And two myle to Bynges a wa- [Bingen]

llyd towne And ther cometh a ryver into the Ryne

and a fery ovr the water & ther a mane muste pay a ob.

for hyme & for hys horse And fro Bynges iiij Duch [miles]

to Mens a fayr Cytte wallyd and iij Duch myle [Mainz]

to Otmerten a lyttyl wallyd towne iiij myle unto

Wormys a far wallyd Cytte And vj myle to Spire [Worms]

A fare wallyd Cytte And be tweyn Wormys and

Spire is a gud Batynge house and vij myle to [Speyer]

Louthirburgh a wallyd towne vij myle to Byssh- [Lauterbourg, Bischwiller]

oppys wele a vylage. And iiij myle to Strausburge [Strasbourg]

a fayr Cytte vj myle to Makerten v myle unto

Otmarten a village iij mile to Basyll a fayr [Basel]

Cytte & ther is a grete bryge ovr the revyr. And ther

wasse the generall Counsell of all Clergy of Cristy-

ndom. And fro Basyll iiij myle to Thrusse A

lytyll vyllage wallyd towne a full ill waye

And att Thrusse is a fayr Ryver & a fare bryge

ovr the Ryne And fro Basyll to amane passe

the mowntayns a Duch myle is vj Inglysch

myls And fro Thrusse iij myle to Durmare

MS page 147

A lytyll wallyd towne And ij longe myle to Lucerne A fare

lytyll wallyd towne And ther is a fayr bryghe of tree and

a longe And it is hyllyd with tyle & is 101 pas brode

& it is haulfe a myle longe And it is on the fayryste

ryver of all the warld. And ther is mych fysch in the ryver

And on the South Syd of the towne ther is a mowntayn

And in the toppe of the mowntayn ther is a gret standyng

water in the whych we here say the body of Pylat is

beryd And thai dare nott latt no thinge come ther ine

with owtyn ordynaunce of mene of the towne with them

And for if any thinge be caste in the sayd standynge

water ther wull ryse such a tempeste & stormys that the

pepule are lyk to periche in the cuntre. And fro Lucerne

than moste ye take your fery for the water is iiij Duch

myle longe to Flewlynge a lytyll village And ther

is non odyr way bott ovr the water. And fro Flewl-

ynge iij Duch myle to Wasshyn a lytyll village & [Wassen]

then entyr ye to Monte Godard And fro Wasshyn ij

myle to the hospitale of Saynt Godard And fro the [St Gottard]

hospitall ij myle to the toppe of the Monte Godard &

ij myle downe the banke a full ill way to Groll a lytill

village. And fro Groll x Lumbard myle to Feyte [Faido?]

a lytyll village & iij Lumbard myls makes ij Inglysch

myls And be neth Groll & Feyt is a monte the whych

is callyd monte Trappe or ell emonte And fro Feyt

xx Lumbard myls to Bylysone a fayr wallyd towne [Bellinzone]

MS page 148

And that is the fyrste loke of Lumbardy & xij myle unto

Burgon Luganum And ther is a monte be twene Belyson [Lugano]

& Burgon Luganum whych is callyd monte Syndyr

And at the Burgh Luganum is a fare water whyche is

callyd the water of Luganum & it is viij myle longe &

ther muste ye fery ovr And ther is alytyll village at the

este end of the water. And fro the water xij myle unto

Comys a fayr wallyd towne And ther is a fare water [Como]

And xvj myle to Cassanamata A village And vj

myle to Mylayn a fayr wallyd towne And ther is [one] of [Milan]

the nayls that wer in the handes of Criste And it is under

a hygh gate & v laumpis brynynge daly aboute itt.

And fro Mylane xx myle to Pawe a fayr wallydd [Pavia]

towne & an universite holdyne And be twene Milan

& Pawe ther is a fayr parke wel wallyd with tyle And

ther in beyne lyberdes & lyons & all maner of odyr der

and marvelusse maner of fowlys And a full stronge

Castell And in Pawe is a fayr pylgrimage to the

body of saynt Austyn the holy Doctur In the same

church is a well that helyth of dyverse seknesse both

the mane & the womane if you drynke of that watyr

And at the end of Pawe is a fayr ryver and a stone

brygh ovr the ryver towards Jene And ther fery folke unto

Venysse by water And iiij myle fro Pawe cometh the [Venice]

ryver into the ryver of Poo And fro Pawe xl myle

downe the ryver to Plesaunce is a fayr wallyd Cytte [Placenza]

MS page 149

And ther ben ij castells in the Cytte And be twene Pawe

& Plesaunce is a lytel wallyd towne whych is cald

Arena xiiij myle frome Pawe & fro Plesaunce xxx ti

downe the ryver to Cremon a fayr wallyd towne And [Cremona]

xxxij myle to Bruschell a lytyll village And bothe

Cremon & Brussell beyn ij lytell wallyd townys ther

Rowland was Capytayn as men sayn & ther be many

townys and castells endlonge the Ryver of Poo for

it is one of the iiij Ryvers of Crystyndome And fro

Brussell xxv myle to Burgofortes a full fayr village [Borgoforte]

& a castell. And fro Burgo xij myle to Hostilia A [Ostiglia?]

fayr lytyll towne & a fayr Castell And xvij myle

to Stalat a fayr vyllage And xxvij to Corbula

a litill village. And xxij myle to Lor a fare lytyll

village And xviij myle to Cloge a fare lytle Cytte [Chioggia?]

And xxv myle to Venysse all be water a full fare [Venice]

Cytte & it standyth all in the see And ther is a fayre

Pylgrimage to the body of Saynte Elyn And to

Sancte Zacharie the fader of Saynt John Baptiste

And the bone of Sancte Cristofor And one of the

arms of Sanct George And ther lyth in the towme

of Sanct Zacharie the body of Sanct Gregory the

Doctur. And the body of Sanct Theophile And

in the monastyr of the Cytte which is of Sancte

Marke ther is a grete ston of red marbule the whych

that Criste knelyd upon when he prayd unto the

fadyr of hevyne. At Venyse a mane muste tak

MS page 150

hys sale And a mane muste pay for hys passage

within the bale as the patrone and he may acord And the

moste that any mane pay is xvj or lx ducates & to be

at the patrons bord & ther bedd will coste the An

ducat & a haufe And frome Venyse C myle to

Revens a fayr lytyll wallyd towne & a mynstyre [Ravenna?]

& ther lyth the body of Sayncte Eufemye And fro

Revens xx myle to Polo an old wallyd towne

& a full fare havyne & ther is an old place whych

is callyd Rowlandes place & ther ben many towmbes

of stone in the feld abowte the towne & ovr the

sowth syd of the towne ther is a tour whych is

callyd Rowlandes towr. And fro Polo C and l [50] myle

Jarre a fayr lytyll wallyd towne And ther is

a far pilgrimage to the body of Sancte Symond

Part 2 (page 151 - 161)

MS page 151

and a fayr pylgrimage to oure lady Sancte Mary. And frome thens

to Modyne CCC myle a fayr havyne and a wallyd towne and

ther is a fayr pillgrimage ovr the sowre a myle fro the towne

to the body of Sanct Leo the holy hermytte And fro Modyn

CCC myle to Candy a fayr wallyd towne & a fayr havene

And CCC myle to Rodys a full fayr wallyd towne And [Rhodes]

a fayr Castell & ther ben fayr pylgrimages to a thorne of the

crowne of Jehsu Criste that he was crownyd with in tyme of

passion And it burgyons every gud Fryday as thai sayn

in the tym of hys passion And one of the penysse that

Criste wasse sold for And to a crose that wasse made

of the basyn that Criste waschyd hys dyscyples fete in

on schyr Thursday. And to the hand of Sanct Katerine &

fro Rodyd vij C myle to Porte Jaffe & the art then in the

Holy Land. And in the see a myle of the sowth syd

from Jaffe ther is a stone that Saynte Peter stod on qwen

he fyschyd & ther aperyd Criste unto hyme And att

Jaffe a mane sall pay the patrone a ducat or he pase

þe gale and qwen he comyth to lond he muste

pay for hys tribute vij ducates & xvij Venysse grotes

& ther a mane muste take hys asse And fro Jaffe x

myle Rames a fayr towne and he muste pay a

grote to hys as mane And fro Rames to the Cytte of

Lydde in the whych Saynct George wasse marterd

& ther a mane muste pay a ducitte and vj grotes to

the grete drogemane for sekyrnesse of the way be-

twene Rames & and Jerusalem. Drogemane for

MS page 152

sekynesse of the way be twene Rams and Jerusalem ix Venise

grotes & in Rames was Joseph borne that take Criste of the crose

And sall undyrstand that ther ye fynd the synge of the crosse

is plen remyssion a pena & culpa & in odyr place the

synge of the crosse is noyte & vij yer and vij Lentyns of

Indulgence & the sayd indulgence was grauntyd of

San Sylvestyr at the instaunce of & the prayer of Constatyus

the emperour & Saynct Elyne hys modyr Also in Rames

is a chyrch & a sepulcur of Saynte Samuell the prophet &

fro Rames xij myle to the Castell of Emaus in the whych

castell is a chyrch wher ij dyscypls knewe Criste in brekynge

of bred aftur his resureccion. Also ther is a chyrch on the

left hand two myle fro Emaus in the whych is the

body of Sanct Marie Cleophe one of the xij dyscypls

And fro the sepulcur of Cleophe vij myle to the Cytte

of Jerusalem. Pylgrimagis of the … Citte of Jer[usa]lem

Thyes bene the pylgrimagis of the Cytte of Jerusalem

the fyrste is be for the temple dor ther is a iiij

square stone of whyte allybaustyr ther Criste reste hyme

selfe with hys crosse qwen he wente toward the monte

of Calvary Also ther is a temple in Jerusalem the whyche is

callyd Cristys temple & ye sall pay at the fyrste enteryng

into the temple for your tribute a Venysse grote & an

haufe And at the secund enterynge iiij grotes And at the

iij enterynge ij Venysse grotes of ye passe the pylgrimage

in to the temple Fyrste ther is on the sowth syd of the

temple a chapell ther Criste aperyd firste to his moder

MS page 153

aftur hys resurection and sayd 'Salve sancta parens' And on

the rygte hand the awter is a wyndo in the qwych standyth a

pelour to the whych Criste wasse bowndyn and betyn with

scowrgys in Pylate howce And in the same wyndowe is

a lytyll pelour to the whych Criste wasse boundon in Cay-

phas howce. A pena & culpa + Also ovr the lefte hand the

Awtyr in a wyndo standing a lytyll crosse whych wasse

made of the holy crosse Also in the mydes of the chapell

is a round stone of dyverse colours ther Sanct Elyne

prayd the crosse that Criste dydd apone with rasynge of

a mane fro ded to lyfe Also befor the same chapell

dor ther is a round stone with a hole in the mydys ther

Criste aperyd to Mary Maudlayne aftur hys resureccion

in lyknesse of a gardyner & sayd 'Noli me tangere' +

A pena & culpa Also in the same syd of the temple ther is

A chapell ther Jesus Criste wasse in presone the tyme the

nalys & the crosse wer in makynge. Also ther is An

Awtyr ther the Jewse dysyd for Cristes cloyse. Also in the

este end of the temple ther is a chapyll dyssendynge

xxxij greces wher Saynct Elyn found the crose by the [ME 'steps']

inspyracion of the holy goste + A pena & culpa

Also alytyll abowve ther is a chapell foundyd in

the wyrchype of Saynt Elyne. Also in the same temple

A lytyll thens ther is a pelour that Jehsu Criste wasse sett

apon & crounyd with thornesse. Also a lytyll thens

xix steppys hyyte is a chapell in the whych is mont

Calvarie wher Criste suffurd passion for the re-

MS page 154

demcion of mane kind And ther is a mortasse in the clyffe

of the roche whych clase whene Criste yeldyd goste

+ A pena & culpa Also a forne agayne the chapell dor is a

place as it wer a sepulcur wher Criste laye qwene

he was takyne of the crosse & anoyntyd & layd in a cloyth.

+ A pena & culpa Also in the weste end of the temple is a

lytell Capell in the whych is a four swaryd stone that

the angell satt & sayd to the iij Marys 'Qwome sek yee'

And thai sayd 'Jesus of Nazareth' And the angell sayd

'He es rysyne & gone'. Also in anodyr chapell within the

chapell is the sepulcur of our lord Jesus Criste

Also in mides of the quer in the temple is a hole

in a stone ther Criste sayd to hys dyscipyls 'Her is the

mydes of the warld'. Also the is a chapell ther the sepulcur

of Adam is. Also on the ryyte hand as ye go unto the

temple ward is a chapell ther our lady and Saynct Jon stod

when Criste sayd unto hys modyr 'Womane se thi

sone'. And on the same syd is a chapel of Sanct Jon

Baptyste. Also on the lefte hand the temple dor

is a fare chapell of Mary Maudlayne. Also ther be the

stacyons withoute the temple in the Cytte of Jerusalem

the fyrste is qwer the Jewis constrenyd Symon to

take the cross att Jesu qwen he wente towardes the

mownte of Calvarie. Also ther is a place ther Jesus and

Pylate sate whene Pylat asked Criste of hys dyss-

cypls & of the prechynge + A pena & culpa Also a lytyll thens

is the howse wher our lady lyverd a stole. Also on


MS page 155

left hand a lytyll thens is the place of Herodye & the dyr was

Cryste ledd a for Herod + Also a lytyll thens is Pylattes

howse in the whyche Cryste was bownden to the pelyr

And scourgedd Also on the ryyte hand is the temple of

Salamon in the whyche our lady Saynct Mary wasse

weddyd + Also A lytell thens is the howse of Joachym

& Anne hys wyffe wher our lady was borne + Also

a lytell thens is a lytyll watyr whyche is callyd

Probatica Justina in the whyche many lepyrs ar helyd

be the vertu of a tre of the holy crosse that lay therin many

yerys Also a lytyll frome the temple of Salamon is

Porta Aurea be the whyche Cryste entyrd into the Cytte of [Golden Gate]

Palme Suonday syttynge apon an asse. + Also alytyll

thens is a gate be the whyche Sanct Stevyn ledd

owte of the Cytte when he was stonyd to ded

A lytyll with owte the Cytte pilgrimage of the vale of Josaphat

ther is a place ther Sanct Stevyn wasse stonyd to ded

Also a lytyll thens in mydes the vale of Josaphat is

torrens Cedron qwer a tre of the holy crosse lay for a

bryge many yers And aftyrward was caste into Pre-

batica Justina Also in the mydys the vale of Josaphat

is a fare lytel Chapell in the whyche is the sepulcre

of our lady Sayncte Mary descendynge xlviij grece [ME 'steps']

& ther ye sall pay for your enturynge in iij s to tribute

+ Also alytell thens is a place wher Criste prayed

to the fadyr of hevyne ::

Frome that place alytyll is a gardyne in the

MS page 156

whyche Cryste was takyne with the Jewys after that Judas

had be trayd hyme Also alytyll up hyer in the way

to ward Mownte Olyvete is a place wher Criste sayd

to hys dyscipls 'Wakyn & pray that ye entyr noyte in to

temptacion'. Also a lytel thens is a stone ther Sancte Thomas

resavyd the gyrdyll of our lady whe she flyed unto

hevyn Also alytyll thens in the same way is a

place ther Criste wept apon the Cytte of Jerusalem.

Saynge 'ther sall nott be one stone lefte up on odyr'. Also A

lytel thens is a place qwer the angel aperyd to our

lady with the palme Saynge 'Suche a day thou sall be takyn

into hevyn'. Also a lytel thens is an hyll whyche is

clepyd Galilee ther Criste aperyd to hys apostyles aftyr [ME 'called']

hys resurection. Also ther is a place wher the chyldyr of

Israel dyd worschype to Criste when thai caste branches

of olyve trese in hys way. Also apon Mownte Olyvete

is a old temple ther Criste ascend into hevyn & ther

is sene the steppys in the ston And at Mownt Olyvete

A mane muste pay ij s for hys trybute. + Also A

lytyll thens is the sepulcur of Pelagius Also in descen-

dynge downe the banke is an old chyrch ther the Apostles

made the Cred. Also in the sam way ther is a place ther

Criste preachyd ofttyms to hys apostles. Also in the same

way is a place qwer Criste taugh the apostyles the Pater

Noster Also a lytel thens is a place ther our lady restyd

every day vysytynge the holy placys of the vale of

Syloe. Also a lytel thens by the way syd is a place

MS page 157

Wher sancte Jams the Lesse was the tyme of the passion

& to Criste was ryssyne fro deth to lyfe. Also abowve in

the same place is the sepulcre of Zacharie the Justys

Also in the vale of Syloe is a wele ther our lady wascht

the clothis of our lord Jehsu Criste in hys childhod. Also

alytill thens on the ryyte hand is aplace whych is

vatatoria Syloe wher Criste gafe syyte to the blynd man [Pool of Silo, as in 'vat']

Also alytyll thens is a place Isaias the prophett was

sawne with a tre sawe in sundur. Also alytyll thens

are places lyke Caves in the qwyche the Appostyls wer

hyd in the tyme of the passion of Jehsu Criste Also

a lytyll thens is a place that is callyd Acheldemach that

was bouyte for xxxti penys that Criste was sold for &

ther beyn all Cristen pylgrims her bured. Pilgrimage of Mount Syon

Alytel from Mownte Syon is a place ther the Juys

wold have a restyd our lady when the Appostles

bar her to be buryet. Also a lytyll thens is a place

wher Sanct Stevyn the ij tyme was buryet Also att

the est end of the churche at Mont Syon ther the holy

lame was rosted. Also att the north Syd of the

chyrche is a stone ther Criste stod apon when he

preachyd to his dyssipuls. Also ther is anoder ston ther

our lady sate apon in the tyme of preachinge of

Criste. Also a lytyll thens is a place ther our lady prayd

the space of xiiij yer aftur the passion of Criste

Also ther is a place ther our lady dyed. + Also a lytill

thens is a place ther Sancte Jon the Evangelyste sayd

MS page 158

masse to our lady Sancte Mary. Also at the hye Awtyr in

the chyrch of Mownte Syon is a place ther Criste mad his

mawndy with his Apostyls. Also on the ryyte hand of the

Awtyr is a place that Criste waschyd his Apostyls feete

apone schyr Thursday. Also with owte the chyrch on the sowth

syd is a chapell a pon a vawte ther the holy gost dyscendyd

on Wytesonenday + Also in the cloyster is a lytyll chapell ther

Sancte Thomas of Jude putt his hand to Criste wowndys

+ Also in the north syd a lytyll frome Mownte Syon is a

place qwer Cayphas howse was in the whyche Criste

was in prisone. & ther is the stone that wasse putt on the sep-

ulcur of Criste for sekyrnesse that he shuld noyte ryse whych

place is kept wyrshypfully with Grekes. Also a lytill thens

is a place ther Sancte Jams the Mor wasse hedyd & translate

in to Spayne throuye the myyte of Jesu Criste. Also on

the lefte hand is a chapell of Sancte David. Also it is

fro Jerusalem vij myle to Bedlem. Pylgrimage of Bedleme

Every mane muste pay at the enterynge in to the chapill

temple a venysse grote for his trybute & anoder

to his askmane. Also in mydes the quer of the temple is

a chapell as it wer a kave underneth the eryth ther Jesu

Criste was borne + Also in the same chapell Criste was

layd be twyx a nox & a nasse. Also in the quire on the

ryyte hand is an Awtyr ther the thre kynges of Colayne

mayd ther offerynge. Also in the cloyster of the same tem-

ple is a chapell descendynge underneth the erth ther

is the stody & the stole of Sancte Jerome & ther turnyd he

MS page 159

the bybule fro ebrew into latyne. Also alytill thens is the

sepulcre of the childer of Israele Also it is vij myle frome

Bedlem to Mownte Judee Also in the Mownte Jude is a

chapell in the whych sanct Jon Baptiste was hedyd

& ther is the clyffe that opynd by the selfe that he was hyd in

& ther pays a mane to trybute a venysse grote. Also alytill

thens is a place ther our lady & Sanct Elyzabeth mett. xxx

stepys hyyte & in that place mad our lady the psalme

Magnificat. Also alytill thens is a fayr well wher

Elyzabeth waschyd Sanct Jon clothis in chylldhod. Also

hawfe a myle thens ther is a chyrch ther Sancte Jon Baptiste

was borne / Also iiij myle frome Mownte Jude to-

ward Jerusalem is a chyrch ther a tree of the holy crosse

growys & fro thens to Jerusalem ij myle & ther your assman

wyll have a vennysse grote. Pilgrimage of Betanye

One the est party ij myle fro Jerusalem toward flumen Jordan

in Betony is a temple ther Saynte Lazar was buryed &

in the same temple is a lytill chapell ther Criste stod

when he raysyd the Lazar to [from?] deth to lyfe. & for enterynge

ye shal pay iij s to tribute & Also in Betony is the house

of Symon the lepur in the whych Criste forgaffe Marye

Mawdlayn her syns. Also at the este end of Betony ther

Criste reste hyme with his Apostyls when Martha sayd

unto hyme 'Lord had ye beyn her Lazar my broder had

nouyte beyn ded'. Also A liytl thens is the howse of

Martha in the whych Criste reste hyme oftymys. Also

Also a lytill thens is the howse of Mary Mawdlayn.

To mownte Carrytyn xxj myle

MS page 160

fro Betony in the whych is a chapell ther Criste fastyd xl daye

& ther a mane pays to trybute a solid Also in the tope

of the same mownte is a place ther the Devyle sett Criste

& schewyd hyme all the rychesse of the warld & sayd

'If thou will fawle downe & wyrschype me thou sall have

all thies rycchesse'. Also v myle thens is the Cytte of

Jericho in the whych Criste oft tyms. Also fro Jericho

is iiij myle & a hawfe to the chapell of Sanct Johne

Baptiste hawfe a myle fro flumen Jordan in the whych [River Jordan]

Sanct Jon Baptyste Criste. Also flumen Jordan rynys

weste in to the Mare Morte & it is a fayr rever. And [Dead Sea]

it is allway mody as it wer trubyld be the whyche

Mare Morte Sodom & Gomorrah wer sunkyne & dystruyd

Also at Jerusalem a mane that will to flumen Jordayn muste

pay xij venysse grotes for his tribute & at flumen Jordayn

iiij d for his droge mane. Also be twysse Ramys thee

muste have a gyd homward ij grotes of venysse & ij solid.

Also to the sowdane [sultan?] for a save cundyth [conduct?] every mane ij grotes

of venysse. Also to your assman ovr all curtasy every man

xv venysse grotes. Also frome Ramys to Jaffe homward

to your assmane every mane as thai may acord for sum

iiij venysse grotes & solid thre. Also in the way home in

Lumberdy is a cytte the whyche is callyd Mantway & [Mantua]

ther is of the blod of Jesu Criste which that Longinus brouyte

thedyr with the sper & ther lyges Longinus bodely in his sep-

ulcre. Also in the Mownte Barnerd in a Abbay is a

MS page 161

thume [thumb?] of Jesu Criste And the cheke bone of Sancte Bar-

nerd this way come we homward throwghe the Duk-

land of Sayvoye : : ************************