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I'm a writer, history teacher and speaker. I try to bring history alive with my books, courses and talks, based on thirty years of personal and academic study. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for history and I have academic, research and teaching qualifications - please browse these pages to find out how I can share our history with you

Toni Mount, MA., BA (Hons)., Dip Creative Writing and Literature, Dip European Humanities, Cert Ed ...

"Pleasure should mingle with study so that the student may think learning an amusement, rather than a toil"

Thomas Wolsey 1473-1530


The World of Isaac Newton

is available now - click here

Colour of Shadows is on sale NOW you can buy it online here

My new non-fiction book will be How to Survive in Medieval England; it's my first for the popular publisher Pen & Sword Books - the first edits have been completed and returned and now I'm waiting to see the cover design. Hopefully the book will be out in time for Christmas!

The Colour of Shadows trailer:

New Classes returning in September?

I have been in discussion regarding a new class to restart in the autumn with reduced numbers, but due to the new "rule-of-six" this will no longer be possible.

However, If you are a regular or want to meet us all, I will be running a trial Zoom lesson - please contact me for more details.

In the meantime you could try the following sites: (seven of my history courses 'online' for download) (my 'Medieval England' Facebook page) (my general Facebook page) (the 'British Medieval History' Facebook page) (another 'British Medieval History' Facebook page)

Thank you for your company and loyalty over past months - or even years, in some cases. I hope we can get together again at some future date.

My SUMMER History Course was due to start in May 2020 - but may now go ahead in September via ZOOM

The History of Food

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  • My book A Year in the life of Medieval England is published in paperback on 15th October - order here

  • My fascinating book Medieval Medicine continues to be popular, bringing alive the science and mystery of the period - medieval people had many remedies and treatments for illness and pain, some outrageous, some amazingly successful and some which can bring hope even to modern medicine

  • NB - 'Medieval Medicine' is the name for the paperback edition of my hardback book Dragon's Blood and Willow Bark, they are the same book, just with different titles

  • The Foxley Letters is a FREE, downloadable ebook, with personal correspondence from Seb Foxley, Emily and all your favourite characters, from my "Colour of ..." book series - even Jack has added his thoughts for you to enjoy.

We have updated this FREE ebook which now contains 28 letters, plus bonus material about me, my writing and the historic background to the series and best of all - it's free, just click the link from my publisher MadeGlobal!

  • Book seven The Colour of Lies is on sale NOW. Sebastian Foxley, our hero, returns to the bustling city of London from his quiet home village in rural Norfolk. The city is busy and full of excitement for the annual St Bartholomew’s Fayre - and then there's another murder to solve ...

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The following guest blogs which can still be read:

  • Book six The Colour of Death, is another of my short novels and in paperback or on Kindle for just 99p: Seb and Emily have been forced to flee medieval London and find a safe haven in an isolated village. Yet this idyllic setting has its own murderous secrets. Even away from London, they are not safe and danger lurks at every turn.

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  • Proud to announce I'm now a fully paid up member of The Crime Writers Association

  • The Death Collector is my Five Star story of a fearful serial killer stalking the dangerous streets of Victorian London

  • The Colour of Poison is available as an audio book - listen as the stinking streets of medieval London are brought to life by talented actor Charley-Allsop-Parry

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  • During my research I transcribed this manuscript (Wellcome MS.8004) from the 1450s. Part of the manuscript is a pilgimage from London to Jerusalem. You can read the full transcript here

  • The Colour of Murder is my new Seb Foxley novel and now available in paperback and on Kindle. The beauty of the cover is juxtoposed with the horror of the murders within - see my books for more

  • You can sign up for a unique FREE eBook for the followers of my medieval murder mysteries The Foxley Letters - no purchase necessary - just click the link

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  • My non-fiction books are widely available in bookshops, libraries and online - these were spotted at Colchester Castle - clearly a great place to visit!

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