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The English Reformation - a religious revolution

My new five-unit course - is now available online at www.medievalcourses.com.

The course begins during the reign of King Henry VIII in the 1520s and continuing to influence events well into the seventeenth century and beyond. The differing attitudes to religion were one of the main causes of the English Civil War of the 1640s and even, indirectly, the Troubles in Ireland of the 1970s.

The History of Crime and Punishment looks at the lawmakers and lawbreakers from Anglo-saxon England through the Norman, medieval Tudor and Stuart periods upi to the highwaymen of the 17th century, the Victorian police and 19th century murderers and detectives

Everyday Life of Medieval Folk - looks at the ordinary people of the times. In this twenty-part course, we discover the daily routines of real people I have uncovered and uses records of their lives to give an insight into what it was really like to live in the medieval world.

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Heroes or Villains? - you decide Are the reputations of these icons of history justly deserved or should they be viewed in a new light? Examine their lives in this ten-part course and then decide: hero or villain?

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Warrior Kings of England: The Plantagenet Dynasty - this twenty-four unit course explores the intriguing story of England’s longest-reigning dynasty: the Plantagenets. In this user-friendly course with fun quizzes, we explore the 300 years of English history from 1150-1450.

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Richard III and the Wars of the Roses - Richard III ruled as King of England for little more than two years, yet his life spanned three decades of civil war, the period of turmoil and treason we call the Wars of the Roses.

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