8 Training and Nutrition Errors to avoid!

Those who want a fit and healthy body must take two factors into account: training and nutrition . If you eat or train in the wrong way, not only your sporting results will deteriorate, but also your overall health. So you don't want to commit big blunders here!

And yet conflicting information sometimes makes things go wrong ... Today we discuss eight important training and nutrition errors that many (beginning) athletes make. Do you ever get guilty of this? Then you know right away that you have to stop quickly!

1. Follow every hype

Sport is pretty fashion sensitive. One moment everyone is running fast, the next we are all going to CrossFit . Every subsequent hype has amazing success stories and claims to be even more fun and easier than the last. The result? Some people hop from training method to training method, and therefore do not last longer than a few weeks.

And that doesn't work, because that way you don't give your body time to really adapt to the stress you put on it. Instead, choose one tried and tested method that has been used for a long time and that you will not be tired of within a month. If you maintain that for a longer period, you will automatically see results.

2. Avoid difficult exercises

Nobody likes exhaustion and pain. It is therefore a very human tendency to avoid the exercises that we find the hardest and most difficult. And yet it is unwise! It is precisely this effort and challenge that ultimately leads to growth.

So now you only use devices ? Or are there specific more complex exercises such as squat and deadlift that you just keep dodging? Take a good seat (or lie, or stand) and get started. Make sure you keep a close eye on your technique!

3. Focus too much on repetitions

Of course you would like to perform as many repetitions as possible. The higher that figure, the more satisfied you can feel. However, it is important that this focus on quantity has no adverse consequences for the quality of your training. Many people start smuggling if they just want to squeeze out that last rep: they also use other muscles , for example, to increase that weight.

This reduces the effectiveness of the training considerably. Even worse: poor technology and crooked load can sometimes even lead to injuries . So make sure that you perform the exercise correctly, and only focus on the repetitions.

4. Too long training sessions

If people want to train a lot, it often means that they spend hours in the gym . That is not only unnecessary, it is also counterproductive. It is precisely this prolonged burden that prevents the recovery - and therefore the growth - of your muscles ... Make sure that you limit your training duration to one hour.

By making good use of compound exercises , you can really do everything you want in that time! Focus on heavy weights with fewer repetitions, limit your rest time - and don't spend too much time on your phone!

5. A wrong order of exercises

You do not have unlimited energy . For that reason it is important to plan large compound exercises first. An important reason for this is that you limit these exercises unnecessarily if you have already exhausted individual muscle groups . For example, if you have already trained your triceps separately, you will never be able to use bench presses again with maximum effort . And as a result, your pectoral muscles are catching up again.

So start your training with the most important compound exercises . This way you can focus with all your strength on the movements that activate most muscles. You will only do smaller isolation exercises at the end of your training.