Here is what classmates from the first cohort of the course had to say

Jump start & refine your sketchnoting confidence through networking with a group of passionate doodlers! Encouragement guaranteed! Leap into opportunities to take your learning to your next meeting, seminar, classroom lesson, or mindful reflection. 

I do not consider myself an artist, but sketchnoting is something that has interested me for the past couple of years, so when I saw this course was being offered, I decided to take the leap! Jen did an amazing job with running the course. She provided tons of info in her weekly posts including expert tips, showcasing work from the previous week, and introducing a new element of sketchnoting each week. It was great to see the work of others and to be able to comment on their posts. I loved the collaborative/community nature of this online course. I would highly recommend this course whether you are new to sketchnoting or just want to improve your skills. 

Jen's online sketchnoting course, opened the doors of an entire new world of sketchnoting for me. A well planned, informative and easy to follow course, I reccomend this for everyone who would like to take on the journey of sketchnoting. 

I have been wanting to learn how to sketchnote for 3 years now. I've been learning on and off on my own and just never found the motivation to dive deep until I saw Jen was leading #TodayISketchnotED. Jen's course was just what I needed to ignite my passion for sketchnoting and it really helped me get started. The course was laid out perfectly with each week building off of the previous. It's amazing how quickly my skills have developed in just 6 weeks! I highly recommend this course to anyone who is beginning to learn about sketchnoting or who is interested in diving deeper! Thank you!!!

Jen was super creative, fun, knowledgeable about sketchnoting. She provided theory, practice, and experiences on sketchnoting. She brought great pro d tips and created an amazing community of sketchnoters. This course was my happy time during the quarantine.

I highly recommend "Learn to Sketchnote" if you are looking to dive into the increasingly popular world of visual note taking. Jen's videos were the highlight of my Saturday morning. I loved how she broke down each skill and made everything much more attainable and less scary for a non-artist like myself. I shared her weekly elements videos with my fourth grade students and they really took off with the skills. The tips from "Pros" offered different approaches and opened up new opportunities for connection and learning. I am so sorry this course is over but I feel a whole new world has just opened up for me. I can't wait to keep learning! 

Sketchnoting can be done by anyone and helps you visualize the content- definitely worthwhile. 

This was a wonderful course. Jen really breaks it down into simple weekly elements and manageable daily tasks that eventually build up, until ... before you know it ... you're sketchnoting ... and it's not half bad. 

I loved this course! I've been a fan of sketchnotes but I had no idea how to incorporate them into my own classroom. Jen did a great job breaking them down piece by piece with easy to understand videos that I could use in my own classroom. My students are really enjoying learning about this new method of note taking. I found a new joy of doodling and it came at a great time when life got crazy I was able to dive into doodles and relieve some of that stress.