We all have our reasons to start - and we all have our reasons to be afraid to begin but I need to emphasize one thing - sketchnoting is about ideas, not don't fear if you are not an artist - you don't have to be.  

This 6-week asynchronous course will include:

💥 videos about the various elements in sketchnoting;

💥 answering some of your burning questions;

💥 sharing of tips from a bunch of well-known sketchnoters (ahem..Sylvia Duckworth) who were fabulous enough to give some of their time and let me record my chats with them;

💥 daily doodle activities;

💥 a weekly challenge; and

💥 a plethora of other resources, including articles about the benefits of sketchnoting.  

All this for $79USD!

If this sounds overwhelming, fear not - the best thing about courses like these is that you can dive in as deeply as you want.  Moreover, the course will be available for you forever, so if things come up, take a break, and come back when you are ready.

Also, maybe you have been thinking about ways to introduce your students to's your chance without having to be the guru. Consider doing the course with them!  Play the videos and do the activities and challenges as part of your day.

All you will need to participate something to write with and something to write on. Some of you will go the analog route - pen and paper - that is how I got started. 

Others might want to go digital.  There are a plethora of apps you can use.  I use one called Procreate.  You can use that one if you'd like, it is totally optional, but I will include links to procreate tutorials each week for anyone who decides to go that route.

Timing not right for you?