About Jen

Jen Giffen is a Teacher Librarian and former Digital Literacy Curriculum Consultant in Ontario, Canada.

While Jen was never much of a doodler, she was curious about the power of sketchnoting after she saw teachers doing it on social media. She decided to give it a go during staff meetings and keynote addresses to help her focus and retain information.  The rest is history.

She has facilitated sketchnoting sessions across North America since 2017.

You can find on social media @VirtualGiff...you can also visit her blog at virtualgiff.com - but be warned it is a little neglected.

Email: Jen@VirtualGiff.com

Some of Jen's sketchnotes

Put your cursor over the sketchnote to advance to the next one.

Want to see almost all her sketches?  Check out this Google Drive Folder