Stavros Zanos, MD PhD

Assistant Professor, PI

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Jacquelyn N. Tomaio, MS

Research Associate, Lab Manager

Large and small animal models, echocardiography, cardiovascular and neural physiology


Khaled Qanud, MD

Senior Staff Scientist

Large animal models, chronic implants, anesthesiology, cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology, echocardiography, histology, immunohistochemistry


Umair Ahmed, MD

Research Assistant

Small animal models, chronic implants, autonomic, cardiovascular and neural physiology


Yao-Chuan Chang, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow

Neural engineering, neurostimulation, neurophysiology, optical imaging


Ibrahim Mughrabi, MD PhD

Post-doctoral fellow

Small animal models, chronic implants, neuroimmunology, noninvasive neuromodulation


The TNP lab collaborates closely with the other groups at the Center for Bioelectronic Medicine & Biomedical Science: molecular targets (Yousef Al-Abed), cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Lance Becker), microfabrication (Loren Reith), bioelectronic devices (Timir Data), neural decoding and data analytics (Theo Zanos) and neuroimmunology (Kevin Tracey, Sangeeta Chavan, Eric Chang, Valentin Pavlov).

We collaborate with the neurophysiology laboratories of Eberhard Fetz and Steve Perlmutter at the University of Washington and with the neuroscience laboratory of Tony Zador at CSHL.

Finally, we work together with several clinical research groups at the Northwell health system, epilepsy and functional neurosurgery (Raj Narayan, Ashesh Mehta, Stephan Bickel), neurology and neurorehabilitation (Bruce Volpe), transplantation surgery (Ernesto Molmenti), therapeutic ultrasound (John Pelleritto), neurogastroenterology (Larry Miller) and others.