TMS Collaborative

The Master Surgeon Collaborative Projects

We are bringing together and international collaborative of surgeons, trainees, medical students with an interest in surgical training and medical education to:

1. Conduct collaborative research projects, focusing on assessing the current state and improving surgical training and surgical education worldwide

2. Develop and run international courses and teaching programs

With the ultimate aim of improving and ensuring high, safe standards of care for our surgical patients

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Our Collaborative Projects:

  1. Completed: Effectiveness of our two day P2P course. Published at:

  2. Completed: International survey evaluating the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on undergraduate and postgraduate training - 2 x papers submitted. Peer-review in progress

  3. INVTE Study - INternational Venous ThromboEmbolism prophylaxis Survey in Surgical patients

Our Collaborative Authorship Policy

All publications will be under the TMS Trust collaborative authorship banner and all named contributors to the project will be identified by name in publication, PUBMED citable