The Great War

My Great War Project

I had the privilege of collaborating on Trench Hammer by Nordic Weasel games. Each maneuver element is a squad/section or heavy weapons team and it is targeted for quick play with a platoon or so per side. It is scale agnostic, I personally choose to use 10mm Pendraken Miniatures, they have a very comprehensive range and allow me to play in a smaller space with room to maneuver. You can see my initial forces on my blog here and all of my blog posts for this project here.

Resources for Wargaming the Great War

  • Fortifications of the Western Front 1914–18 (Osprey)
  • Trench Hammer WW1 Rules by Nordic Weasel Games
  • If you have any interest in WW1 Gaming, I cannot over praise the Too Fat Lardies. Their meticulous research led me to the books listed above, and you cannot find a better introduction. Their game design and philosophy have always been an inspiration as well. Even though I am not playing them, Through the Mud and the Blood is an excellent set along with the supplements listed below. I suggest you get them all even if you intend to use other rules!
      • Stout Hearts and Iron Troopers: A great set of scenarios from platoon to company size.
      • Play the Game: A great War Compendium: A collection of articles from the TFL Summer and Christmas specials over the years on WW1 with scenarios and articles, including tank tactics, A Stosstruppen mini-campaign, and much, much more!

Trench Hammer How To Video