6mm AWI Wargaming / One Hour Wargames

This is one of my major wargaming projects that has given me enormous pleasure. I am a native of South Carolina, my family has been here since the 1760's, and I grew up in Camden a couple of miles from the Hobkirk Hill battlefield. As a result, I decided to address the fascinating Southern Campaign.

All of my figures are from Baccus 6mm, ordered direct from the UK to the US. Everything you need for the period, no matter what theater you want to play.

Historical Resources

I have enjoyed diving into the period, here are some books I used, all are highly recommended!


I took an idiosyncratic approach to basing my figures, based purely on aesthetics. As a resulyt, this has driven my rulesc hoices. My line infantry are 40 figures on 100mm x 20mm bases, Skirmishers are 16 figures on the same size, dragoons are 15-18 ounted on 80mm x 40mm, and guns are 25mm x 30mm. Why? It just seemed to look right to me.

I explored several sets of rules and finally settled on modifying that most excellent book, One Hour Wargames. This is a tome that should be on every wargamer's shelf or Kindle. Even if you do not use the rules, the ideas are great and the 30 scenarios alone are worth the cost.

Below are links to the various incarnations of my modifications, including fog of war cards and flags scaled for 6mm. They give a good game, see my blog for battle reports.