Topic Synopses

Please click the images below to find the topic synopsis link. Score sheets will be available after the conference. Thank you!

For questions about the advanced committees or procedures, please email

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Position Paper Submission

Intermediate and Advanced policy papers must be submitted through our Google Form by midnight, November 1st, 2019.

Here is the Google Form link for Crisis and Specialized Committees policy papers.

You must use a Gmail account in order to complete this form. If you do not have a Gmail account, please email your policy paper to

Please also note that any papers sent to this email with a Gmail address will not be considered/graded. Please use the Google Form instead. Thank you.

And click HERE for some guidelines on formatting your position papers!




*Intermediate committees are designed to be more advanced committees (two days) for freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior delegates with one year or 5 conferences MAX of MUN experience. These committees are not for brand new freshman novice delegates or advanced delegates with more than one year or 5 conferences of experience.