THSMUN is one of the largest student-run high school MUN conferences in Southern California. We usually host around 1200 students from 30 different middle and high schools. We are one of the few high school conference to offer exclusive middle school committees, and and starting in 2019, we will be hosting intermediate committees along with advanced committees to better serve students with a year of experience in MUN who may not be ready to compete at the advanced level. In addition, we host a yearly joint crisis committee in which students engage in real time problem solving of historical issues.

THSMUN is a one day conference for novice delegates and two-days for intermediate and advanced. The top intermediate and advanced delegates will be awarded a gavel in each committee, and intermediate and advanced delegations are eligible for Small and Large School Delegation Awards at our closing ceremonies. Every year, our conference supports a fundraiser spearheaded by one of our senior capstone teams. Our conference and program promote collaboration and diplomacy over competition. For more information, please CLICK HERE to see our committee policies.

For more information or any questions about our conference, please email thsmunconference@gmail.com.

Want to join THSMUN? Visit join.thsmun.org for more information.