Position Papers

Position papers must be submitted by November 1st. See the committees pages for more information. Late papers will be ineligible for research awards. Delegates without papers submitted are not eligible for Outstanding or Best Delegate awards.

For formatting and guidelines for novice and advanced committees, please CLICK HERE.

All position papers must include an MLA works cited page to be considered for awards. Please CLICK HERE for the position paper rubric.

Pre-written resolutions are not permitted unless expressly stated in the topic synopsis. Resolutions will be written in committee. CLICK HERE to view a resolution template.


At THSMUN, we will not entertain general debate in committees. Delegates should come prepared to discuss their solutions in substantive debate during the first committee session.

Both moderated and unmoderated caucuses will be entertained at the discretion of the chair.

At THSMUN, we promote collaboration and diplomacy over competition. As such, our winning formula for delegates is as follows:

    1. Know the topic - in your policy paper and in your committee presentations
    2. Participate enthusiastically in ALL aspects of the committee
    3. Work collaboratively with other delegates - do not dominate.
    4. Offer creative, real-world solutions and include how they will be implemented.

To maintain fair participation and encourage collaboration, chairs at THSMUN are trained to attempt to call on speakers evenly, favoring those who have not spoken over those who have spoken more than once. In addition, presenting resolutions during formal caucus will not be scored, but asking questions and providing thoughtful answers will be scored as comments.


Students will be awarded Research awards based on the quality of their position papers. Chairs will award committee participation awards (Commendation, Outstanding, Best Delegate), but please note that delegates without position papers submitted are not eligible for Outstanding or Best Delegate awards. Smaller committees will receive fewer awards than larger committees. School Delegation awards will be based on total committee awards across all advanced committees.

Award presentations and committee score sheets will be available two weeks after the conference ends.